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Weight Loss Resolutions - Do they REALLY work? Are there truly any Weight Loss "SECRETS"?

It's a new year again and people are talking about weight loss, getting fit, getting in shape, losing that excess weight ... AGAIN! The weight loss commercials have increased in number, gyms are promoting more than ever, diet programs are hiring celebrities to do their commercials so that they can get more people who have WEIGHT LOSS RESOLUTIONS to sign up for their program ... NOW, in January, while the motivation is still "hot"!

You know as well as I do that tons of people have resolutions in the beginning of a new year. January is the month where everyone is all "ra ra" "let's do this" "I'm game" "let's make this happen ... YEAH!!!"

But what most people find is that their New Year's resolutions don't stick throughout the entire year. Some people are lucky if they stick past February! Why is that?

As a Law of Attraction Happiness Coach, I teach my clients that it is more about changing the feelings they have about their life and that particular goal, than anything else. If you don't change the nature of your thoughts and feelings so that they align with your desire and dreams, it will feel very difficult to achieve those goals.

Let's take Weight Loss as an example. OK, so you joined the gym, you have your new sneakers and work out outfit and you have decided you are going to eat healthier. GREAT! Now, you start working out, eating more salads, and are feeling pretty good that you have stayed with your workout routine for a couple of weeks. All of a sudden, you get stressed at work or you have a crisis with your kids that just turns your life upside down. Now what? How do you handle that stress. Maybe you miss one or two days of the gym, you "slip" and you eat more potato chips than you "should have" because you turned to that comfort food when you were overly stressed. Now you look in the mirror and you look at yourself and you are disgusted. You are beating yourself up for not sticking to that diet or not going to the gym on a regular basis. Do those feelings you are having feel "light" or "heavy"? Are you still feeling very motivated to "stick" to your "health and wellness" lifestyle plan? No. Probably not!

You see, all of these "weight loss programs" forget to integrate one very important thing into their "fitness" program. And that is ...

... Learning how to address the stress that is part of your life, without sabotaging your weight loss goals (or any goals for that matter!)

This is a topic that is not talked about a lot on TV during those weight loss commercials and many weight loss "experts" don't discuss it either.
But this advice is THE KEY to your weight loss success.

When your learn how to choose different thoughts and feelings, even during those stressful times, and when you are kinder to YOU and stop beating up on yourself, that's when you will start to see permanent results with your weight loss goals and feel better than ever (and know how to maintain that weight loss over the years!)

That's why I put together my Introductory Audio Weight Loss Coaching Program around how to shift your mindset to lose that weight successfully and keep it off. My Law of Attraction Weight Loss MindSet Audio Program has 6 audio lessons that will introduce you to these new concepts of changing your mindset. Each audio lesson is only 10-15 minutes long, so you can listen to these at your leisure and have the time to fit in at least one lesson per week (most likely once you hear one, you will want to continue to listen to them)!

Here are the topics I discuss in each Weight Loss Mindset lesson:

1) Tapping into that Feel Good Place of WHY!
2) Becoming Hyper-Aware with a Non-Judgmental Approach!
3) Stress and it's Impact on your Weight!
4) Learn about your FOOD VIBE!
5) How does KEEPING SCORE affect your weight?!
6) Learning how to RELAX about it all!

This Introductory Weight Loss MindSet Audio Program is only $29.97. I want you to get a jump-start on changing your mindset so that you are wildly successful at losing that excess weight! Once you change this one thing, the rest of the weight loss journey will feel so much easier.

Forget those "empty" New Year's resolutions and decide today that you are going to change your mindset and change how you feel about your life, your body, and yourself on a daily basis. And once you do that ... look out! That sexy, confident person will emerge and you will be well on your way to that healthy and fit body you desire!

To your Fabulous Health & Happiness,
~ Maria


Monday, February 07, 2011

Law of Attraction and Weight Loss: When your "self worth" is tied to your How your Body Looks!

I recently had a Doctor coaching client tell me that she was more credible when she was fit and athletic. And that when she was "out of shape" (by her standards) that she did not feel as credible in every area of her life. The first thing I did was to point out to her that she was making her "worth" and "credibility" conditional upon something outside of her. After all, how you look does not define who you are as a person.

I know, in today's society there are many things that point to quite the opposite. A lot of emphasis is put on "how you look" and that the prettier you are, the more likely you are to get a job or that "gig". But honestly, I don't buy it! What you get is what you believe about you. My client was basically setting herself up for some really "crappy" feeling moments in her life. And it doesn't have to be that way. We get to choose what we believe. And we decide are SELF WORTH on the inside, not based on the outside stuff.

So, I gave my client an exercise to start proving herself "wrong" -- to look for the times in her life where she is very "credible", but not necessarily in that tip top shape that she so desires. Sure, being in shape makes us feel more empowered, we feel lighter and possibly even more energetic ... but making the correlation between your "weight" and how "good" or "credible" or "worthy" you are??? That is just setting you up for failure.

Now, some people might say they get motivated by putting themselves down when they are not living up to their standards. Well, this may work temporarily, but over the course of time, it is going to wear on you. When I asked my client how she FEELS when she believes that, she said "CRAPPY"! That's an indication right there that it is time to change what you believe. It is time to start proving yourself wrong. It is time to start telling yourself a different story.

What she was believing was NOT motivating her, matter of fact it was doing quite the opposite. She was more likely to NOT exercise and to eat foods that were not as healthy as she usually eats. She was disgusted with herself. And here's where the Law of Attraction kicks in. If you are "disgusted" with yourself and keep on focusing on what you don't like about your body and judge yourself about how poorly you are doing, then you are going to attract more things in your life that are going to make you feel "disgusted" and "icky" about you. Like attracts like. That's the basic premise of the Law of Attraction.

So decide today that no matter what you look like on the outside, that's all that matters is what you think and believe about you on the inside. There are people in the world that are confident and love who they are, despite how much they weigh or what type of job they have or what the outside world is saying about them. Confidence and self worth come from within and we all have access to that.

To Your Health & Happiness,
Life Coach, Maria Lesetz


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