Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reset your Fat MindSet!

Now, don't take offense to the title of this blog post. I sometimes have a "fat mindset" too - but I know how to shift it quickly to a "fit mindset" so that I continue to maintain a healthy & fit body! Read on and see how having a "fat mindset" will sabatoge your weight loss success.

First, let's talk about what a "fat mindset" would look like ...

As a Law of Attraction Weight Loss Coach, I hear lots of new clients coming to me and complaining about the way they look. They are focused only on what they don't like about their body and in particular they refer to themselves as a "fat slob", "flabby", "digusting" ... and the list goes on. Their self-image of their body is in a very negative place. Basically, they are dissatisfied with the way they look and focus on this very feeling throughout the course of the day.

Does that sound like you? When you look in the mirror do you appreciate the body you have or do you frown upon it and right away laser focus on the parts of your body that you don't like and have massive judgment around?!

If you are like many, you tend to laser focus on the negatives and on the parts of your body that are not fit and look out-of-shape. And what happens after that? Well, there's a lot of "beating up on yourself" and judgment that takes place in that mind of yours.

That is what I am calling a Fat MindSet. You are focusing on the exact thing that you want to get rid of and you are feeling bad about it! (That last part of how you feel when you look at your excess fat is a critical component that must change in order for you to attract that healthy and fit body that you so want to have!)

Now, if you are not familiar with the Law of Attraction, the premise is simple:

Your thoughts & feelings create your reality. You are a creator of your life experiences, which are influenced by the nature of the thoughts you choose to think and the feelings that you have in response to those thoughts.

Said another way, what you concentrate on expands. Yes, that waistine of yours can expand even more if you keep on focusing on how "fat" you are.

Seriously, how can you expect to attract a healthy and fit body if you are focused on the exact opposite. Think about it on a different topic ... one that you probably don't have as big of an emotional charge on -- let's take owning your own business. As an entrepreneur you want to be wildly successful. But let's say, you are focusing on the lack of income that you have coming in and you are also looking at the products that you sell and you are not very happy with them -- you perceive your products to be less than optimal. With this mindset, how could you expect to attract clients who love your products and what you have to offer? How could you attract success if you feel "less than" or like a failure? Well, you wouldn't. You can't have a "lack" or "failure" mentality and attract success -- it is NOT going to happen! People who are successful believe in themselves, have a self confidence that is felt by everyone that they interact with. It's an invincible energy that impacts their success. And when things are not going well for them, they just keep their eyes on their dream - they don't let setbacks stop them from being successful.

The same principle can apply to any area of your life. Weight loss is no exception. What you think about your body plays a major role in how successful you are with this weight loss journey.

So, how do you change your "Fat MindSet"?
* Change what you are focusing on.

* See the things that you like about yourself.

* Focus more on that fit body that you want to have instead of focusing on your unfit body!

* Start accepting and loving who you are right now, no matter what your body looks like.

Acceptance is the key to attracting the change you are seeking. When you are at peace with where you are at with a clear and detached intention of where you want to go, that's when the positive manifestations happen! Your health and fit body is on its way!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jessica Simpson and Your Body Image?

Even though a couple days have passed since this ridiculous media story on Jessica Simpson, I just couldn't help to comment on it on my Weight Loss and Law of Attraction blog!

First of all, what was FOX thinking when they mocked Jessica Simpson's weight in that cartoon??? Really? Are you kidding me?

Do not let this story or any other story that is attacking someone because of their physical appearance impact your overall body image. These stories have nothing to do with you!

As a Law of Attraction Health Coach, here's what else I have to say on the matter:

1) News flash ... It only matters what Jessica Simpson thinks about her body! She said on Twitter "I will never understand why people attack for a laugh. Own your beauty and don't listen to the judgment!" Amen to that, Jessica! And don't even try to understand why people do what they do. You are absolutely right - We all should "own our beauty" and (let me add) not give a rip about what other people think or say about us. First of all, that says more about them than it does about us!

2) When the media reports stories like this, we have to remember one simple thing (no matter who you are -- whether you are an adult or a young girl or boy who is conscious of their weight):

=> If what you hear doesnt make you feel good, then turn it off, change the channel and don't let it absorb into your belief system.
It has nothing to do with you!

3) Love yourself just for who you are. I mentioned this in my You Tube video (see side panel of this blog to view the video on Law of Attraction and Weight Loss) -- You have to find the things you love about yourself and appreciate who you are right in this moment. If you don't like yourself or you judge yourself as being fat, flabby, out-of-shape, you are not going to be able to easily attract to you the body that you do want. It's quite de-motivating to believe in those type of things that you are telling yourself.

Be at peace with where you are at, with a clear intention of where you want to go with your overall health and wellness.

Well, that's what I have to say on this topic ... and don't even get me started on the Barbie Doll and Fat ankles story. Again, pay it no mind. It's just a story and it has nothing to do with your body image.
Think highly of yourself! Know that you are beautiful, no matter how much you weigh.
A person with confidence and a deep appreciation for who they are is far more attractive than any person who just happens to be super skinny (by the standards of the critics out there!)

Own your beauty!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Think and Feel your way to a Healthy and Fit Body!

Can you really think and feel your way to a more slim and fit body? REALLY?

You mean it doesn't matter whether you exercise or what you put into your body?

Yes it does ... but only from the perspective of the nature of your thoughts and feelings around your health and wellness and your body image. That's what matters more than anything else.

What you think and feel about your body, physical fitness level and the foods you eat correlates 100% with the results you get. You get what you think about … each and every time! So, if you are focused on your “out of shape” body and looking in the mirror saying “ugh … my thighs are fat” .. well, what do you think you are going to get more of? Yes, more thunder thighs for you (whether you work out or not)!

You mean “I can just choose a different thought and I will become thin & fit?”
Well, YES! (And the feeling behind your thoughts is what determines your success!)

What you think & feel about your body and the foods you eat is all energy. You are sending a message out into the Universe, typically giving attention to the exact thing you don’t want. The Law of Attraction states:

“The essence of that which is like unto itself, is drawn.” ~ Abraham-Hicks.

So, if are you feeling disappointed with the current shape of your body, more disappointment is on its way (and that may be in other areas of your life too!). Think of an Olympic athlete: What do you think they focus on more: the ultimate outcome they desire or the times they haven’t been at their best? If they have that Olympic medal, you know that they focus on the desired outcome and FEEL it to the very core of their being. They couldn’t get caught up in the times when they didn’t do their very best and were not in their prime shape. If they did that, it would change how they feel, shift their energy and ultimately attract “losing” as opposed to “winning”.

Understanding the way the Law of Attraction works is quite empowering! Once you get it, you are well on your way to that healthy & fit body you desire. Matter of fact … it’s a “Done Deal”! That’s the decision you must make in order to achieve your fitness goal.

This is one of my favorite quotes that I share with my life coaching clients:

“Being Healthy doesn’t make you Happy – being Happy makes you Healthy!”

Think about it, if you are choosing to focus on the body you currently have and are making judgments about it (not liking it very much), are you really happy? No. You are focused on what you don’t want which makes you feel emotions that are more towards the negative end of the emotional scale. You can’t be truly happy if you are focused on the negatives! So, I teach my coaching clients how to choose happiness first and as a result, great health & wellness will follow.

One of my weight loss coaching clients came to me with the intention to lose weight and become more fit. However, she was judging herself so much when she “slipped up” and ate something that she was told by her Naturopath that she shouldn’t eat, that her feelings of guilt, disappointment, frustration were actually the things that were hindering her success. It wasn’t about what she was eating or whether she was exercising or not, it was about how she felt during this whole process and how aligned she was with her natural well-being. Once she learned how to relax about it all (including the foods she was eating) and be kinder to herself, she started making choices that were aligned with wellness and felt better to her. She was happier on a more regular basis, so as a result, she was making healthier choices for her body!

Beating up on yourself is a great way to put a barrier between you and what you want.
It’s a negative vibration that conflicts with who you really are.

Here are some Weight Loss Coaching tips to help you to Think & Feel your way to a better body:

1) Pay more attention to “what you are thinking and feeling” than “what you are eating or how you are exercising”. Always guide your emotions to a better feeling place and you will make the right choice for your overall health.

2) Focus on the progress you are making not the gap between where you are and where you want to go. If you lost 2 lbs, jump for joy! Don’t feel “oh, I have 48 more to go”. Can you feel where the focus is? It doesn’t feel so good, does it? It’s about being OK with where you are at, feeling appreciative for what is working & eagerly anticipating the manifestation of your ultimate goal.

3) Don’t weigh yourself if you know it’s potentially going to set your mood for the day (in the negative). I tell my coaching clients all the time that if “taking score of where you are at” makes you feel bad … then don’t do it! Shift your focus to something that makes you feel better. Most people don’t step on the scale waiting with eager anticipation for the scale to reveal a number that will thrill them. They have more of a “doubt”, “concern”, “hoping”, type of feeling. I know … I used to be 70 lbs heavier and let the scale rule my day. If the number was pleasing to me, I was happy; if the number was something I didn’t want, it set my mood for the day. I finally learned that reaching for a better feeling all the time and focusing only on what was working & making a decision that this was a done deal, were the keys to my success. You can read more about my journey here:

4) DECIDE.... yes, this tip sounds very simple -- but it works. If you truly decide that you will have that fit body- it’s yours … you WILL have it! Now, here's the key --- you REALLY have to DECIDE -- which means, there are no other options; you will not be thrown off your game. It's a "Hell, Yes! This is happening!" kind of decision. Nothing will stop you from achieving this goal because you are eagerly EXPECTING the manifestation of it!

5) Always remember that feeling “stressed” is a choice. Stress will negatively impact your overall health & well-being. Feeling stressed is a negative feeling that resonates with every cell of your body.
If you feel blessed & appreciate where you are at, you can’t feel stressed. So appreciate more & choose to be Lovin’ Life Now and you will be well on your way to a happy & healthy body!!!


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Weight Loss -The Law of Attraction way!

Years ago when I started this blog it was all about how to treat being diagnosed with a chronic health condition as just a bump in the road of life, specifically Multiple Sclerosis. It was as a result of my own diagnosis and my passion for helping people trasnform their lives as a Life Coach, that got me writing. Over the years, this blog has morphed into a variety of different topics but has always hovered around one main theme: Health & Wellness and how we have the power within us to alter and improve our overall state of health.

What I have learned about the blogging world is that the more specific you are about your topic, the more readers will find you and be inspired by your words and message. My three niches that I am super passionate about as a Health & Wellness Coach are the following:

1) Weight Loss and Law of Attraction -- basically, how to think & feel your way to a healthier & fit body --- Your MindSet is more important than you think it is to being successful with your weight loss journey.

2) Helping Doctors avoid burnout, reduce stress & improve their work/life balance -- I am a Certified Life Coach for Doctors/Physicians and am passionate about helping those in the Medical Profession to improve their own overall health & well-being so that they can give their very best to their patients & that their personal satisfaction with their own profession significantly improves.

3) Life Coaching for people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (especially those who are newly diagnosed with MS!) -- helping them improve their overall health by learning the Laws of Attraction and leveraging them in their favor so that they can turn their overall state of health around.

As passionate as I am about all three niches above, I have decided to make this blog about Weight Loss, the Law of Attraction way! First off, let me state that I have personally lost 70 lbs and have kept it off for over 17 years and counting -- so I do know something about this topic and I am very passionate about helping my clients see the same permament weight loss that I have been fortunate to experience!

If you are someone who is looking to lose that excess weight permanently and learn how to conquer what appears to be that unending battle of the bulge .. then stay tuned... This is going to be the blog for you.

In the meanwhile, check out my You Tube video on how to Lose Weight using the Law of Attraction where you will get an introduction on the topic and how to reset your mindset to manifest the healthy & fit body you are looking for.

For future posts I plan on interviewing people who are currently on the journey of losing weight to bring to life some real life stories and then give you my coaching perspectives on how each and every one of you can lose that weight for good!

I will admit, that even though I have a healthier & more fit body than I had 17 years ago, every once and a while I slip into that "fat mindset" and I catch myself in the act so that I can shift my mindset back to one that is aligned with wellness, fitness, well-being and loving myself. Because I know how to shift my mindset, I still maintain a healthy & fit body.

More to come about your mindset and how it has EVERYTHING to do with your success with losing weight. Stay tuned ...


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