Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Holiday Bulge or Holiday Fitness?

I am already starting to see ezines and news reports on "stop emotional eating during the holidays", "avoid the holiday bulge", "watch what you eat, go to parties with a full stomach" ... blah, blah, blah!

What is already being put into our minds? The fact that we are going to gain weight during the holidays? This doesn't have to be our truth. But the outside world is already planting the seed that this will be our reality. But here's the good news, you have a choice as to whether you water and fertilize that seed or not!

Yes, people get very stressed around the holidays and many turn to food to bring them a sense of relief. However, it is not the food that packs on the pounds.

It is the stress and the emotions around this time of year
that impacts your physical body.

It is also what you think and feel about those foods you eat. If you have extreme guilt after you eat that piece of chocolate cake, don't you think that guilty/negative feeling impacts how your body responds to that yummy desert? Of course it does. Everything is a vibration! If you expect that chocolate cake to go directly to your butt ... it will! Yes, you are that powerful.

So, why not start embracing a new story. Start to handle the stress in a different way. Begin to reach for a better feeling when you feel that overwhelmed feeling that can sometimes creep up on you during the holidays. Better yet, decide that this holiday season is going to be different and that you are going to find the peace in the midst of the Holiday storm that exists in the outside world.

I learned something very interesting during the period of time that I have maintained a healthy & fit body for over 17 years and counting -- I don't need to be so strict with everything I eat! Yes, I went through my phases ... extremely low fat foods, no dairy, higher protein/lower carbs, no rich and creamy desserts ... and what I realized is that I CAN incorporate some of those foods that I once thought were "unhealthy for me". Most likely, because I believed those specific foods were "unhealthy for me", I had to keep them out of my diet at that time. Why? Because what we believe to be true is manifested into our reality.

So, take a good hard look at your beliefs around the foods you eat. Start thinking of the thoughts & feelings you have as food for your body as well. Do you have "junk food" thoughts & feelings or do you "feed" your body with nutrient-rich, healthy & happy thoughts & feelings?

Bump up your peace and happiness to the top of your list of things to do during this upcoming holiday season. Honor your joy and take good care of you during this time of year. Choose happiness, not stress. Choose peace, not craze. Choose love of yourself, not beating up on yourself for what you did or didn't do!

And if all else fails and you need that extra level of support to stay centered and calm during this holiday season, instead of going to the drive-thru window at McDonalds,
stop by the drive-thru window of coaching support and treat yourself to some Holiday fitness advice==> Speed Coaching for that Holiday Stress

The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time of year. Embrace the joy part, throw the stress away and your body will thank you with great physical and emotional well-being!


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