Friday, January 30, 2009

Jessica Simpson Weight Discussion -- How Ridiculous!

On occasion I watch the news and hear some stories that make me ... well, let's say "have a discussion with the TV and speak back to it". As a Health Coach & Weight Loss Coach my ears perk up when I hear news and discussion around people's weight and/or their journey to losing weight and getting fit. But the latest story on Jessica Simpson -- come on! She is beautiful!
So What? Maybe she put on a few pounds -- well, that's quite normal! I think many of us can relate to that. But to make it a big news story -- what type of message does that send to the public, our kids, women who are struggling with the weight loss battle??? Anyone who has a poor body image?

When Jessica Simpson was doing that movie and those commercials where she was extremely skinny, I can assure you that she wasn't eating much AND she was working out furiously to keep her body that tiny size --- is that the normal regime for most of America? No! Have you ever heard of what models put themselves through to look the way they do (and by the way, they still get air-brushed!) Unbelievable! So, what you see in magazines is an illusion and much of society, especially young women buy into that this is the way they are supposed to look to be beautiful! Well, I hope at least one young woman is reading this now -- the way Jessica Simpson looks right now is beautiful, healthy and realistic. Hey, she looks GREAT, is performing for millions of people, she's singing --doing what she loves -- and is getting paid a lot of money for her talent! Now, that's something to emulate! That's something to put your focus on!

Look ... I know what it is like to be overweight and tried everything under the sun to lose that excess fat. I know what it is like to look in the mirror and have negative thoughts about how I looked and despite that external confident image, there was definitely a woman underneath who had a lack of confidence because of her weight. But I learned something very important along the way to losing that excess weight permanently and becoming more fit and having a healthy body:

"Our thoughts & feelings about our body play a huge role
in how fit our body becomes!"
Think about it -- I am sure you have heard the phrase "what you resist, persists" or "what you focus on, whether good or bad, you get more of." So, does it serve you well to be focusing on "weight gain" and the parts of your body you don't like? NO! You must love your body and have the goal of having a healthy, fit body. Focusing on that excess weight will just bring you more of the same!

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Just keep in mind, if "weight loss" is one of your goals, the first thing you need to do is change your thoughts and feelings around this goal. I recently had a coaching client tell me that she wants to NOT be tempted (by all those foods she enjoys eating). Well, she was SO focused on NOT be tempted that guess what -- she is constantly tempted and gives in to that temptation. It's the Law of Attraction in action. As a Law of Attraction Health Coach, I told her to focus more on what she was grateful for in her life and that when she had one of those gremlin thoughts come up to stop and shift to a thought that feels better. I also told her to Relax about the food and to not beat up on herself so much!

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To Your Health!
Maria C. Lesetz, CEO of Lovin' Life!
Certified Life Coach, specializing in Health & Wellness


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