Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happiness Coach, Maria Lesetz brings Positive Message to Fox News TV!

Yes, that's me!

I was recently approached by Fox News at Ten anchor woman, Natasha Chughtai who wanted to do a story on my work as an Inspirational Life Coach. I was thrilled to say the least! My mission is to get my Lovin' Life NOW message out to as many people as possible. I think BIG!

I want millions of people to know that Happiness is a choice.

I say this to inspire and empower you. You are the one who can choose happiness, no matter what bumps in the road you are facing in your life!

Matter of fact, being happy NOW (in this red hot moment) IS the key to attracting everything you desire into your life.

But can you be happy when things aren't going well in your life? How can you feel better when your financial situation feels like doom and gloom or you have a health condition that makes you feel less than optimal. THIS is what I teach people HOW to do. And it is possible!

The nature of your thoughts and feelings is what impacts the quality of your life experiences. And you DO have control over what you think and feel.

Once you learn how to reach for a better feeling place on a regular basis --- look out! Your life is going to turn around for the better and you won't know what just hit you (in a good way for a change!)

My interview on Fox News at Ten is just the beginning of how I plan on impacting the world. Now, Fox News at Ten is doing something novel. Every night from Monday through Friday, they are sharing one of my Lovin' Life quotes that I have written to inspire people to embrace the positive side and feel better about their life. It's a different message for the TV news ... one that leaves people with a feeling of hope and empowerment before they go to bed at night! Now, that's powerful. Imagine the impact this will have over time by planting the positive seeds in people's minds and having them focus on what IS working in their life and what they can do to turn their life around and experience more JOY!

I love it and I am passionate about doing more. If you are a TV News reporter or have a TV show where you would like to spread the positive message and help millions of people feel better about their life, Contact Me Today and let's talk!

I am ready to go National with this message. Don't you want to have an impact on raising the Happiness Level of the world? I sure do!

Wishing you a Lovin' Life rest of the day!


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