Saturday, February 21, 2009

Being Delusional isn't so Bad!

What if we all played "Make-Believe"? What if we only chose to see what we could cook up in our imaginations? What if we pretended that everything we truly desire has already come to us and we acted "as if" it was already here? Have you ever seen a child when they are playing and pretending to be with their invisible friends -- don't they look happy and content in their own little world?

If we imagined more and truly believed what we were imagining, we would manifest exactly what we want ... and quicker too!

There are some people who may say that you are "delusional" -- and their point is WHAT?

Here's the definition of "delusional":
"a persistent false belief held in the face of strong contradictory evidence"

First of all "looking at the evidence that it is in front of you" will just bring you more of the same! If you like what you see ... GREAT! But, what if you don't like what the evidence is showing you? Do you want to keep focusing on it and focusing on it and make yourself feel worse than you already do? Of course not! (I choose to turn off the TV when the media starts talking negatively about the "state of the economy" -- what's focusing on that going to bring me? Yes, more of the same. I choose to believe that my business will thrive in this economy and that there is more than enough money out there to attract into my business and life! And that IS my reality.)

And "false belief" -- who's to say that what you choose to believe that is contradictory to what you see is "false"? There are many great inventors out there who chose to believe that something could be created when all evidence was pointing to the fact that it never has been done. But, did those inventors make that stop them? Did they really have a false belief OR did they just choose to think differently in order to create some beautiful work of art or some advanced technology that made the society as advanced as it is today?

Being "delusional" (based on the definition above) isn't so Bad -- matter of fact ...

Choose to believe something today that will bring you more joy (even if the evidence in front of you contradicts what you would like to manifest). Because remember ... the only thing that keeps you from having what you want is the nature of your thoughts, feelings & beliefs about that thing.

Pretend. Imagine. Feel like you already have it. Then, watch the magic happen.

Maria C. Lesetz, CEO of Lovin' Life
Certified Life Coach


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