Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lovin Life Jingle with Maria Lesetz

Wrote a Lovin' Life Jingle around the Holidays (originally posted on Facebook).

It's my message to all of you for the New Year. Enjoy! :)

To Your Health!

Maria C. Lesetz, CEO of Lovin' Life!

Health & Wellness Coach



Monday, December 29, 2008

Raise your hand if you want to channel your own answers!

My friends and colleagues Jeanna Gabellini and Eva Gregory, CPCC's, Master Coaches, Speakers and Authors of several programs and books, including Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction, with Jack Canfield, are recognized experts on the Law of Attraction and are now "coming out of the closet"!

That's right, Jeanna and Eva have been channeling for years - tuned in to Universal wisdom, guidance, inspiration and creativity! And now they're coming out of the closet so they can walk YOU step-by-step on how to do it yourself!

Have you always wished you could ask the wisest being alive, or dead, your most important questions? What about a direct line straight to God or Source Energy?

You could ask things like:
* How can I better align with more perfect customers?
* What's the best way for me to attract more money, NOW?
* How can I have a better partnership with my mate?
* How was this planet created?
* Is it true that __________(fill in with any statement!)?
* Or what about knowing how to handle any situation with anyone so that you could
get the results you want?

The truth is that every single person has the ability to tap into source energy and channel information on any topic they want! And no, you don't have to be at a séance, spin three times on your head or cast a magic spell to do it! In fact, it's more simple and accessible than you might think!

Hundreds of people registered for Jeanna and Eva's "Channel Surfing - Riding the Waves of Inner Guidance preview call last week. Talk about a buzz! As a direct result of that tele-seminar, many have said they have a more direct connection with their spiritual guides. Some even connected for the very first time!

"I have listened to the first call, twice, the second time just now. What a beautiful experience. Lots of insight and information coming through for me. Wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to continue on my spiritual journey in a really big way! I feel as though I have suddenly grown by leaps and bounds." -Kim

So many questions have been pouring forth about channeling that Jeanna and Eva decided to give you an opportunity to ask any and all questions on the topic - No cost, just show up.
Monday, January 5th, 2009 @ 1:30pm Pacific/ 4:30pm Eastern

It's important that you listen to the replay of the first preview call
before you proceed by going here.
If you have been feeling called towards this, you are ready.
Kick off 2009 in a powerful way. See you on the call!
Register HERE
This is a revolutionary class that will have you leaping into new realms!

"Channeling is like climbing to the top of a mountain where the view is expanded."
~ Orin and DaBen

In the spirit,
Maria C. Lesetz, CEO of Lovin' Life!
Health & Wellness Coach


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Fat, No "Weigh" --- Take That!

It's that time of year where people are stressed out! People are running around to get the perfect gifts, getting the house ready for family, preparing for that relative that they really don't want to see. Isn't it supposed to be a joyous time of the year? "It's the most wonderful time of the year!" (I am singing that song right now!) Yes, it is as long as you know how to stay calm, relax and tap into the true meaning of this time of year.

However, I hear it from everyone --- "I'm stressed"! And on top of that, many of my female friends worry about gaining weight during this season as well. (why is it that the men I speak to don't give a rip!) Many of my female friends all go on diets in the New Year and decide to join a gym. (Of course, we know that doesn't last too long!)

Stress + Holiday Parties + Abundance of Food = Potential Weight Gain & disaster for the Waist Line!

So, how do you avoid that Holiday Fat that creeps up on you during this time of the year?

Here are a few simple suggestions:

1) Don't weigh yourself (hence, the no 'weigh' / no way pun in the subject line!): You see, you expect to gain weight during this Holiday Season. That's what you tell your brain. That's what your body hears. And when you weigh yourself, you are looking for weight gain --- you are definitely not looking for weight loss, are you? When you look for something and put a lot of focus on it, you will most likely find it -- whether it is something you want or not. If you focus on it, you will get it. Forget the scale. Trust yourself.

2) Here's a simple thing I do -- eat something small & nutritious before you go out to Holiday parties. I tend to grab a handful of almonds (salt-free & whole Natural)-- which definitely takes the edge off my hunger! This is a practical tip that works! If you go to a Holiday party famished --- guess what's going to happen? Take the edge of that hunger before you leave the house.

3) DECIDE.... yes, this tip sounds very simple -- but it works. If you truly decide to maintain your current weight during this Holiday Season and stay fit -- you will. Now, here's the key --- you REALLY have to decide -- which means, there are no other options; you will not be thrown off your game. It's a "Hell, Yes! This is happening!" kind of decision. Nothing will stop you from achieving this goal. Let me give you an example. I decided back in the spring that I wanted to walk at least 5-7 times per week down by the river, even during the winter. Today was a 30 degree wind chill and wet! But, as my partner reminded me, I had made a decision to walk at least 5-7 times per week in order to stay fit. So, I put on my winter layers and went walking! It's a decision where there is no turning back... no excuses. A "Just Do It" attitude!

4) I have a new Coaching Package called the Speed Coaching Package: www.marialesetz.com/speed-coaching.html
It's for people who want that on-the-spot coaching, when they need it most. Quick, laser-like and effective -- a reset of the MindSet, if you will. And I am offering it at 50% off my regular coaching fees! Take advantage of this package for the Holiday Season where you get Three 20-minute coaching sessions to use however you want with me (reduce the stress you are feeling, maintain a "fit body" mindset, stay calm, cool and collected, even when dealing with difficult relatives, etc.) -- Sometimes you just need that extra support to keep you on track and centered -- well, that's exactly what my Speed Coaching Package is there for! It's afforable, it's quick and it works!

Let me be your secret weapon during this Holiday Season! Visit www.marialesetz.com/speed-coaching.html and find out more about this package and sign up today! (Also, consider purchasing my Speed Coaching Package as a unique Wellness gift for family and friends during this Holiday Season. They could probably use that "on-the-spot" coaching to keep them on track as well!

And remember ... just say "Holiday Fat - No weigh -- Take That!" DECIDE!

Maria C. Lesetz, CEO of Lovin' Life
Health Coach & Motivational Speaker


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gratitude Rocks make great gifts for the Holidays!

Are you looking for a unique and affordable gift to give your
friends, family, co-workers or clients for the Holidays?

Would you like to avoid those long lines at the retail stores looking for the perfect stocking stuffers or that little something that just says you care?

Look no further ...visit http://www.gratituderockson.com/ . Gratitude does ROCK, doesn't it? When you feel deep gratitude in your heart, you feel better all around. You can't feel those negative feelings while simultaneously feeling a sense of deep appreciation, being grateful for all the things you have in your life.

Words can elicit feelings within you that make you feel good or remind you of what’s important to you in life. Words inspire! This is what I bring to my Gratitude Rock customers … a feeling of joy, peace, love and happiness. What a great way to remind yourself and others about what’s important in life.

Visit http://www.gratituderockson.com/ (Note: For a limited time only, I am offering FREE SHIPPING! Take advantage of this Special Offer Now -- it won't be there for long!)

I have been creating these Gratitude Rocks for quite some time now -- even before the movie The Secret came out and mentioned them. Matter of fact, I am very grateful for that movie since after it, many people searched for Gratitude Rocks and found my products on my blog! I had quite a few orders as a result of that movie. Thank you producers of the Secret! I am grateful that you gave me free publicity!

My Gratitude Rocks are purchased for a variety of uses. Here are just a few:

* As pocket gratitude rocks (to remind you of what you are grateful for all day)
* For your garden or front lawn
* In your home to be displayed with candles, in a basket or under waterfalls
* As gifts for family and friends on special occasions or “just because”
* As party favors to give out to your guests as a token of your appreciation
* As corporate gifts to show your appreciation to your employees
* For PET LOVERS whose pets have passed on * … for your pet’s resting place.
(one with your pet’s name on it or a special word) - to honor your pet and build a
gratitude shrine to remind you of all the love and joy he or she brought to you.

What's unique about my Gratitude Rocks is that each one is hand-painted by me, customized with the word you would like to have displayed on the rock. Each rock is unique in shape and color because I hand pick them myself out in nature (I don't buy them in bulk at some retail store -- I believe it adds to the uniqueness of the Gratitude Rock by selecting them directly from nature). I put a lot of love and passion into creating these rocks and many of my customers have told me that they can FEEL that energy from the rock they purchased!
If you saw the movie, The Secret, you will recall the story of the Gratitude Rock -- the healing powers it had! Don't underestimate the power of expressing Gratitude and also the power of your mind. Those two things are a one-two punch to attracting all that you want in your life!

Visit http://www.gratituderockson.com/ today and get yourself and the people you care about some unique and affordable gifts for the Holiday and the New Year!

Note: You must order by December 18th to ensure that you will receive your Gratitude Rocks by Christmas!

Maria C. Lesetz, CEO of Lovin' Life!
Certified Life Coach, specializing in Health & Wellness


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Lovin Life, beyond your wildest Dreams! www.LovinLifeNow.com

I am announcing the launch of my brand new website ... www.LovinLifeNow.com ! If you would like to be Lovin' Life beyond your WILDEST DREAMS .. then check it out!

I offer Life Coaching Services, Lovin' Life Products such as journals, audios and my very popular hand-made Gratitude Rocks and much, much more!

My Lovin' Life Coaching Services include, but are not limited to:
* Health Coaching
* Life Coaching for Doctors
* Life Coaching for Doctor's wives and families
* Speed Coaching for those on-the-go and want some quick laser coaching to get them back on track
* Weight Loss Coaching
* Coaching for people with Health Challenges
* Statistical Coaching for Business Growth (a MUST for all Entrepreneurs!)

Visit www.LovinLifeNow.com today and chose to begin your journey to Lovin' Life, beyond your wildest dreams!

To Your Health, Wealth & Happiness!
Maria C. Lesetz, CEO of Lovin' Life
Certified Life Coach & Motivational Speaker


Friday, December 05, 2008

Fountain of Youth in a White Bottle

Fountain of Youth in a White Bottle ... I know, it sounds like a title that the media would use. Well it is! It's a news story that was broadcast in Phoenix, Arizona on a Nutritional Supplement that I am taking and also a distributor of. (I have posted a video clip of this news report further down on this blog -- but please do read on, before you jump to the clip.) I know that there are a lot of Nutritional Supplements out there in the marketplace and I often hear from the people that I speak to that it can be very confusing as to which ones to take, which ones are legitimate and which ones are scams. Well, being a Statistician by trade, I can assure you that I did my research before I personally started taking this product, making sure that there was a lot of science to back up its claims. I am a skeptic and I had to convince myself that this product was the real deal. Well, it is. (and I know some of you fellow skeptics are probably saying ... "well of course you are going to say that, you are a distributor of the product!" Well, I can assure you that being a skeptic myself, I wouldn't be a distributor of this product if I wasn't 100% convinced that this product was based on science and a powerful nutritional supplement!)

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words ... well, I believe this goes for testimonials too! A brief testimonial that can be viewed so that others can see and hear how one product has positively impacted one person's life is VERY powerful! And you know that if it has impacted this one person's life in this fashion that thousands of other people are experiencing similar results! As you know, I am a Health Coach who is passionate about helping as many people as I can to improve their overall health and well-being and be Lovin' Life, beyond their wildest dreams. I am an expert on helping my clients use the power of their thoughts and feelings to positively impact their overall health (called the Law of Attraction and it is something that is working every day in your life, whether you like what you are getting or not!). Some of my clients like to call me the Mind Coach! But I also encourage my clients to take a good hard look at how they are eating, what nutritional supplements they are taking and evaluating the overall lifestyle that they are choosing that contributes to the state of their health and well-being.

This is what I did (as many of you may already know). After having a terrible reaction to a drug I was on for MS, I decided to take a good hard look at my Nutritional Supplementation and threw myself into a quest to find the best products out there on the market. I have been taking the Univera products for over 2 years now (going on 3 years) and feeling great! No drugs ... just top quality Nutritional Supplementation, coupled with a strong Mind Set that expects Wellness, coupled with lifestlye choices like exercise, meditation and choosing to have no stress in my life!

The one Univera product that I absolutely LOVE is the one that is mentioned in this news report entitled "Fountain of Youth in a White Bottle" -- catchy title, a little cliche -- but it is a powerful testimonial that speaks volumes to how one person's quality of life was significantly impacted by this product. Click on the link below to hear this news story broadcast by the Phoenix FOX news affiliate. It has been made available to all the FOX news stations though out the U.S.!

I think you will find this video clip as compelling as I do. And after watching it, if you would like to find out more about this product and how you can try it, contact me directly at Maria@MariaLesetz.com or call me at 541-686-1326. Matter of fact, write my e-mail and phone number down right now, go watch the video clip and contact me after watching it to tell me what you thought.

Click here to watch the Fox News TV Report: http://tinyurl.com/67olve

Create a Lovin' Life day for yourself and remember ... you do have control over the state of your overall health and well-being. Expect Wellness! Know that it is within your reach.

Here's the link to the video clip again: http://tinyurl.com/67olve -- Imagine the possibilities for your overall health and well-being! :)

Maria C. Lesetz, CEO of Lovin' Life!
Certified Life Coach, specializing in Health & Wellness


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