Monday, May 07, 2007

Law of Attraction Audio Seminar

I have a goal ... I want at least 10,000 people to listen to my Law of Attraction seminar below: , scroll down the Home Page, fill in the contact form and you will gain access to an Introduction to the Law of Attraction Seminar that I conducted LIVE in Eugene, Oregon. I am giving you FREE access to this seminar so that you can get a small taste on what I coach my clients on. This was an interactive seminar so you will hear attendees sharing their personal stories on what gets them stuck in life and stops them from having all that they want!

Visit and listen in for yourself.

I know that the Law of Attraction has been a hot topic since The Secret came out -- but these principles have been around for a VERY long time. It's nothing new. It's just being brought to the awareness of millions of people so that now they know that YES, they do have control over their lives and YES, we do create our reality!

All of us who teach the Law of Attraction have a different way of saying the same thing -- but that's good -- because everyone hears things differently and we all need different viewpoints on the topic in order for something to eventually resonate with us. Different teachers are good --- imagine if you had only one teacher your whole life that taught you all the subjects in school and every other lesson in life -- you probably would not learn as much. You need variety.

So, get access to my Law of Attraction seminar now:

To your Health and Wealth!
Maria C. Lesetz
Certified Life Coach & Motivational Speaker
Visit and sign in and listen to a great presentation on one of the top nutritional supplements in the Health and Wellness Industry!


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