Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Road Trip Lessons on Stress related to Family Health

August was a very busy month for me --- I traveled cross country from Eugene, Oregon to Orlando, Fl for a business convention but then had to take a detour to NY since my Mom landed in the hospital for an emergency triple by-pass surgery! I essentially circled the US the entire month of August.

One thing I learned during the month of August was that it is very important to "stay in the present moment" when under stressful times. My Mom & Dad were supposed to come to the business convention that I was going to in Orlando and right before it my Mom went in for an Angiogram. The cardiologist immediately told my father that she had to go in for a triple by-pass and that she was a walking time-bomb. Wow! Talk about a shocker for my father (and more-so to my Mother --- she surely didn't have time to process that!)

My father called me when I was traveling through California and was a "mess" - he didn't feel she was going to make it. I must tell you ... I was in a restaurant at that time and had just ordered appetizers. My father was crying (which I only heard him do one other time when Mom got breast cancer) and I was trying to keep it all together. It was quite difficult --- matter of fact I proved that night that stress can definitely have a negative impact on your physical body ... I had the "runs" almost immediately after that call! And I sure didn't eat any of those appetizers!

What I learned from that night was that I had to keep myself focused in the present moment and address what was directly in front of me. My partner told me to call the nurse in ICU myself and get the "stats" from someone who is unattached and non-emotional about the situation. Even though my Mother was having quite a "rough patch" after that surgery, speaking to the nurse definitely made me feel better.

I took each day as it came and made decisions on where I was going to travel next based on what I found out that day. After 1 week, one of the ICU nurses was even kind enough to get an extension cord for the telephone and allow me to speak to my Mom. I must tell you that was a moment of relief (no matter how she sounded!). God bless that nurse.

What I want you to take away from this blog is that no matter what type of life situation you may be in at this moment, make sure that you stay in the present moment AND realize that how you respond to what life throws your way is all up to you and can surely impact your physical body! I was lucky enough to have a partner who reminded me to stay present and take an action step that would make me feel more "at ease" (calling that ICU nurse and getting the facts). Was this a challenging time? Yes. Did I learn more about myself and what I needed to do to keep me healthy and as stress-free as possible during this time? Yes.

Life is chock full of choices... even during those challenging times. Make the choices that keep you healthy both physically and emotionally. If you make the choices that make you even more stressed and get you sick, what good will that do for you and all the parties involved?

"Staying in the present moment" is one of the main topics I help all my coaching clients do when they first come to me. Initially, it "appears" difficult because your mind is "running a muck" with all these negative thoughts and "what if" scenarios. But there are definitely techniques that one can use to keep them centered in the moment and reduce stress to an absolute minimum. If you are interested in finding out HOW you can do this even during the most stressful times, consider hiring me as your life coach. Contact me at to set up an initial consultation.

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