Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Baby Boomers Weight Loss

Isn’t it frustrating when you keep on trying and trying to lose weight but no matter what you do nothing seems to work permanently? Yeah, you may lose a few pounds here or there but as soon as you start eating regular food (instead of that crazy diet) or as soon as a stressful situation occurs in your life, that’s it … the pounds seem to stay with you and sometimes multiply. Arghh!!!

(OR you may be a baby boomer that never had any problems with weight --- you were slim and fit and could eat anything you want -- now, you find as you are aging, you are starting to gain weight --- and you ask yourself "What's up with that?! These excess pounds have just crept up on me!")

I know what it’s like to be overweight. I tried for years to lose that excess weight. Being overweight was on my mind every single day when I weighed myself each morning and looked in the mirror.

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There are many weight loss programs, diets, exercise equipment, supposed “magic pills and supplements” out there that will be your answer to your prayers, right?

Well, there is no one magic bullet that will make everyone on this planet lose weight permanently. If there was one, with no side effects, everyone that is overweight would take it and obesity would be obsolete! But you and I know that this is not going to happen any time soon. Obesity is a huge problem, even with the younger generation now.

I would say that my formula for success was a mixture of exercise, eating right, the proper nutritional supplements and most of all the state of mind that I was at when I finally decided to make a lasting and permanent lifestyle change to ensure optimal health and wellness.

I will soon be conducting a few teleconferences that will optimally support you with your weight-loss goals. However, before I do that I want to make sure I understand what your biggest challenges are when it comes to losing weight.

What IS your biggest challenge to losing weight?

1) No Time to eat right – you eat a lot of fast food
2) No Time to exercise – you have a very busy schedule and when you get home you are exhausted!
3) No Motivation to exercise or lose the weight – you feel in a slump
4) No support systems – your family and/or friends are not very supportive
5) You have massive cravings for food groups that are far from healthy and wholesome and sometimes you tend to eat the whole bag of chips or the whole container of ice cream.
6) Stress is a trigger for eating.
7) You’re an emotional eater.
8) What else?

I would really appreciate if you could reply to this message (or e-mail me at ) and tell me what your biggest challenge is. I want to make sure that the teleconferences I offer address your needs and that you finally get the support and motivation you need to make “losing weight” a goal of the past.

Imagine that you are already there! You have the body that you would love to have and you are feeling fit and healthy. What does that feel like? What are you going to do now? What’s you next life goal?

If you are a baby boomer, I know that you want to look and feel young and stay active till a ripe old age. Retirement homes are not your thing -- you would rather retire to the ski slopes or enter the NY Marathon or take a Cross Country Road trip for 6 months to 1 year straight enjoying the scenery, experiencing great adventures and Lovin' Life!

Until next time … I would LOVE to hear from you if you are a Baby Boomer and hear what your biggest goal and mission is in life! E-mail me at

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Warmest Regards,
Maria C. Lesetz
Lovin' Life
Certified Life Coach for Doctors
& Motivational Speaker


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