Thursday, March 05, 2009

It's just Pond Scum!

During a coaching session today, I came up with analogy for those old thoughts and beliefs that surface every once in a while, even when we are moving forward and making progress with our goals and dreams.

Imagine this. You are working on a particular area of your life. You have made great progress on shifting your mindset to one that is more empowering and positive. You are loving life and noticing all the blessings that are coming into your life. You are definitely in attraction mode, bringing to you more and more things that you want in your life. And then, someone says something to you or something happens to you that brings up some old belief that you thought you got rid of.

It kind of feels like a "twinge" or "something's off" -- you know that you have a little bug-a-boo that is gnawing at you. You know that if you give it attention, you will get more of what you don't want! But at the same time, you want to bring it up to your coach because you want this old belief to be gone once and for all -- 'cause you know it sure doesn't serve you.

Well, here's what I say about those left-over thoughts & feelings that surface like that:

"It's just Pond Scum!"

Yep! That's all it is. Some past stuff that is surfacing, has no purpose in your life, and just floats at the top (not looking so pretty!) All is Well. It is what it is. Just focus your attention right back to the progress you are making in your life; to the beliefs that have turned into more empowering ones; to all the things you have in your life right now in this present moment that you are grateful for!

We are our worst critics. I tell my caoching clients to just Relax, Let Go and Trust that All is Well. That's MY theme for this year! And honestly I feel that it is the key to truly Lovin' Life and experiencing true Happiness at a soul level.

So, the next time an old belief or thought creeps up and gives you a twinge of uncomfortable, just remember this ...

It's just Pond Scum ... surfacing at the top of the water. It CAN be moved. It's just floating there. It is what it is. No need to give it attention. It doesn't serve you in any way, shape or form. It will not bring you joy. So, just leave it alone, Let it Go and move on with your amazing, magical life that is unfolding before your eyes!

Maria C. Lesetz, CEO of Lovin Life
Health Coach & Motivational Speaker
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