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Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution - A Law of Attraction perspective

I watched the preview of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution the other night and I was astounded at what those kids are eating in West Virginia!

Now, yes, I am a Law of Attraction Health Coach and I do believe that your thoughts and feelings play a major role in how healthy you are. Matter of fact, if you are a chronically negative person (whether you are a child or an adult), your overall health will suffer -- both emotionally and physically.

So, my reaction to the Food Revolution show might shock you. But let me explain further.

Now, a Law of Attraction purist would say that you could eat anything and be healthy, if you believed this and if you had thoughts and feeling that were totally aligned with wellness. I know a Law of Attraction Coach who preaches this and runs programs telling people that they can eat the cheesecake and the icecream and that those foods are not what is making them unhealthy. Now, to some degree there is some truth to this. Because our emotions and how we feel play a major role in how we eat and the action steps we take to manifest a healthy body.

However, when I saw the Food Revolution show with Jamie Oliver, I must admit that many of my own beliefs around food and what is healthy and what is not came to the surface. In my opinion, these kids are eating "junk" and it does show.

Now, are these kids all unhappy -- do they all have negative thoughts and feeling? I am sure not all of them do. Matter of fact, many of them are not even thinking about what foods they are being given to eat -- they haven't been conditioned to believe that these foods are bad for them. This is the norm for them -- when they were given a choice between the processed food (boxed pizza) and the more wholesome food (chicken and vegetables), they picked what they were familiar with -- the pizza!

There may be a negative correlation between the heaviest, unhealthiest kids and how happy those particular kids are (negative correlation meaning that maybe the kids that are the most unhealthy and heaviest are LESS happy than the ones that weigh less) -- but I don't know this for sure. I was a statistician in the corporate world and would love to run a statistical study to see if this theory may be true. But in the meanwhile, I personally believe that it is a combination of providing a happy home environment and ALSO giving these kids healthy and wholesome foods. It's also about teaching these kids how to be confident, believe in themselves, and not give a rip what other kids say about them (and YES, I am saying this especially to the kids that probably get picked on because they are overweight!).

As a Motivational Speaker and a Life Coach, I would teach these kids about their own personal power that they have within them right now to create a wonderful life for themselves. Yes, I would teach them about the Law of Attraction and that how what you think and feel creates your reality. And I would also tell them that the most important thing in life is that you FEEL GOOD and choose happiness, no matter what.

When you are feeling good and Lovin' Life, you will make healthier choices in your life. However, when you are a child, you are not the one who is cooking for yourself. You rely on your parents and the school system to provide you with the nutrition you need. If the parents are overwhelmed and in a negative place themselves, they are not going to make the wisest choices for their kids (they are going to opt for the quick dinners, what appears "easy"). So, thank you Jamie Oliver for teaching us that there can be quick and easy "healthy" options for parents to give their children.

As far as the school system and their "meal plan" -- oh my God -- something is seriously wrong with that! They made it sound like they had a system that was so nutritious "2 starches", balanced meals -- are you kidding me?! Something is seriously wrong with that system if these people believe that what they are offering our kids is healthy and balanced! That's all I will say about that.

Bottom line ... great health and well-being is achieved through a holistic approach. Yes, being happy and choosing thoughts and feelings that are more positive will definitely benefit your overall health and well-being. But I believe that what we teach our kids when they are young is so important to the quality of their life as they grow older.

Come on America -- get on board with Jamie Oliver and start feeding our kids REAL food that is nutritious and wholesome. As a Law of Attraction Health Coach, I do believe that we are more DRAWN to these types of foods when we are feeling good and Lovin' Life! But kids take their cue from their parents and the adults that they are surrounded by. Let's be a positive influence on them and help them to pave the way to a healthy, rich and fulfilling life!

And Jamie Oliver, let me know if you need some help to motivate and inspire these kids and build their confidence to the point where at this age they believe that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE ... they could achieve anything they want in life!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

World's Fattest Woman, Donna Simpson- is it really about JOY?!

Now this blog is entitled Lovin' Life, Losin' Weight. And it is for all of you out there who really want to know how to lose weight successfully and maintain a healthy and fit body for life! And if you have been following this blog for a while, you know that what I teach is all about having the right MindSet to attract your goals and desires. Your thoughts and feelings need to be aligned with wellness in order to attract great health and be successful in your weight loss journey.

So, you can imagine my reaction when I heard about the story of the 42 year old woman, Donna Simpson, who currently weighs 600 lbs and is shooting to hit 1000 lbs to be the World's largest woman. Well, that's quite a twist ... a woman in her 40's who wants to gain weight and be extremely overweight (and "extremely" is putting it mildly)! WOW!

My first reaction was probably similar to many of you-- WHY? Are you kidding me? And then my next thought was "isn't this going to be detrimental to her health"?!

As a Law of Attraction Coach I am quite curious as to whether this goal of hers is something that she feels will bring her "pure joy" or if it is about something else. Some say, it's about the fame and the money. Well, I don't know her personally, but it really makes you wonder why people do what they do.

And what about the people who are sending her food and money to continue her quest to be the World's heaviest woman? What's their deal? These same people are actually watching her eat on the internet. I personally don't get it (but I don't have to!). It amazes me how some people will spend money on something like this, but when it comes to investing in their own joy and improving the quality of their life, they may hesitate to invest or simply don't. But hey, that's their life and it has nothing to do with me.

Here's what I believe ... however, please do keep in mind that this is only based on my opinion and has no bearing on what this woman will manifest in her life (unless she believes the same thing deep down). I have a belief that her excessive eating of 12,000 calories per day is detrimental to her overall health. Am I her doctor? No. Do I know what her current state of health is? No. These are just based on my beliefs around health and well-being.

Now, that being said, the bottom line is this. She is the only one who is in charge of her life. She will create her own personal life experiences by the nature of the thoughts and feelings she chooses to have. So, whatever I think has no impact on what will come next for her. And after all, we are all responsible for our own lives. Each one of us must take 100% responsibility for what we attract into our lives. Because we are the creators of our life experiences, whether we believe we are or not. Yes, many blame others for what happens in their lives, but the results we get are only because of what we choose to think, feel and believe.

So, here are a few questions I would ask Donna Simpson if I was interviewing her or if I was her Life Coach:

* Are you feeling "pure joy" when you are doing this?
* Is this coming from a Happy place? Are you Lovin' Life right now?
* What type of thoughts and feelings do you have during the course of a day?
* How do you physically feel right now?
* What's the REAL reason that is motivating you to achieve this goal?
* When you achieve this goal, how will you feel, what will you be doing as a result of this "accomplishment"?
* What's next?

These are just a sample of the questions that I would be asking her if I was interviewing her as a Law of Attraction Health Coach.

Who am I to say whether she is happy or not. I don't know her. Yes, I have my beliefs around this whole topic -- but what I think and feel does NOT impact her life. She is the only one that can impact her life.

It fascinates me that while Michelle Obama is going out campaigning to stop childhood obesity, Donna Simpson is on a quest to take it to the other extreme and weigh 1000 lbs. Only in America could there exist this dichotomy of messages.
And by the way, Mrs. Obama ... it is important to teach kids about that mind of theirs and how powerful it is to create ANYTHING they want in their life ... including being healthy & fit. It's not just about the foods they eat or the exercise they do! If they are "unhappy kids" this will negatively impact their overall health too. If you need a side-kick for your campaign, just give me a call -- I would love to help you inspire and motivate our youth! :)

So, moral of this blog post is ... only pay attention to what brings YOU joy. Focus on your life and align your thoughts and feelings with being happy and Lovin' Life. You are the only one that has control over your life experiences. And whatever you think of what others are doing can not impact their outcomes, it will only impact your outcomes especially if it gets you in a tizzy.

As I have said before ... "Being Happy makes you Healthy!" (not the other way around)

Here's what I know: I am passionate about helping YOU be Happy & Lovin' Life, no matter what! When you are in this space and place, you will attract ANYTHING that you want into your life.

And if you are one of the many that actually want to lose weight successfully and maintain a healthy and fit body for life, here's what I teach my weight loss coaching clients:

Great health and wellness starts with the right mindset!

My 6-week Law of Attraction Weight Loss Audio Program helps my clients do just that. You can't be frustrated with where you are at and attract that healthy and fit body. You have to learn how to be happy first, appreciate more, love yourself for who you are right now. When you start aligning with feeling more joy on a regular basis, THEN you will be inspired to take those action steps that will naturally bring you that healthy and fit body you so desire. Lasting results come from inspired action steps, not ones that you feel you should do or have to do!

Once you get the mindset right, there is no turning back -- it's a done deal.

Anything is possible.


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