Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Multiple Sclerosis and the Thoughts you have each day!

Did you know that your mind and what you think each day can strongly impact how you physically feel with Multiple Sclerosis?

Do you tend to focus on the negatives of life as opposed to the postives?

Do you worry a lot and think of the worst case scenarios?

Start paying attention to what you think about each day. Journal, record it, make note of it any way you feel fit. Just make sure that you start taking notice of where your mind is roaming and the nature of the thoughts you have on a regular basis.

I can tell you that what you are thinking will definitely impact your reality and how you experience life. There is a correlation between your daily thoughts and how much you are Lovin' Life (despite the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis)!!!

Post a message to me and tell me what type of thoughts you have each day (living with Multiple Sclerosis) and how you physically feel.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Maria C. Lesetz
Your Motivational Speaker and Life Empowerment Consultant
Remember... MS can be Just Another Bump in the Road of your Life!


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