Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Becoming Certified as a Doctor's Coach

I am very excited about my new venture of becoming a Certified Coach for Doctors. Given my expertise in motivating and coaching people with Multiple Sclerosis , I have decided to take this specialty niche a step further and specialize in working with Doctors and their families who are dealing with Health Challenges and lots of stress. (I know, every doctor has LOTS of stress ... matter of fact, they thrive on it)

However, doctors are human to and do get illnesses and have health challenges. Unfortunately, due to the nature of their overall personalities and their lack of free time, they may have a more difficult time accepting this (afterall, they are invincible, right? Of course not!)

Having been healthy all his or her life, and also treating illness all the time, makes the doctor very aware of the impact on lifestyle, energy and longevity of life after a diagnosis of a health condition. Being acutely aware of this, the doctor might have less difficulty accepting the diagnosis then a lay person.

If you are a doctor, you may have problems accepting how you would now funtion. You may be used to having a very high energy and productivity level, and if you tried to "slow down", you may get depressed (because operating at high intensity and speed is all you know... and that's the way you work, right?)

As a Doctor's Coach, I can assist the doctor to first deal with the stress of not being able to have stress as their "drug", and also to try to sort out and find opportunity in the illness itself (as I have done AND as I have taught others within the MS community to do!)

The other passion I have is to help the doctor's family with dealing with a Health Challenge. Matter of fact, it may not be the doctor that has the health challenge, but a spouse or child may have been diagonsed with a Chronic Health Condition. This could put just as much pressure and extra stress on the family as the doctor getting the diagnosis. There are alternate ways to coach the family around this type of situation and help them to deal with the diagnosis as Just Another Bump in the Road of Life AND learn how to still live a rich and fulfilling life, even with a chronic health condition.

Life is a gift. No matter what life throws us, we can choose how to experience our life, even in times of adversity!

Lovin' Life is feasible no matter what you are facing! It's all a matter of perspective. If you wake up in the morning and take a breath ... Life is Good!

Warmest Regards,

Maria C. Lesetz,
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