Saturday, November 19, 2005

Larry King Live Show on Multiple Sclerosis

Last night, November 18th, I watched the Larry King Live Show on "Battling MS". Meredith Vieira from ABC's "The View" hosted the show. The guests were her husband, Richard Cohen (who has MS and is author of a book called Blindsided), Clay Walker (Country Music Star who also has MS), Tamia Hill (R&B Singer who was diagnosed with MS in 2003 and is married to NBA star Grant Hill), Teri Garr (actress, paid ambassador for MS Lifelines Program) and Dr. Randall Schapiro (Head of MS Clinic at Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology).

It's great to see MS getting more media attention lately. It's very important to educate people and break through the stereotypes of what people perceive when they hear that someone has MS. I know that when I was diagnosed with MS some people said to me "Oh, I am SO sorry." And then they looked at me with "that face". I told them "Don't be... MS is just another bump in the road of my life!"

Larry King Live, with Meredith Vieira hosting it, showed a different face and attitude of people who have MS. Yes, some of the challenges of having a chronic health condition were discussed such as fears of how your children would handle it, what their opinion would be of their Mom or Dad as the years go by, fear of losing a career that you love because you no longer can do it anymore (or at least not at the same capacity), the possibility that a spouse or partner can't handle the diagnosis of you having MS and decides to leave you --- but despite any of the challenges that were discussed, the show had an upbeat, positive message to it! Teri Garr mentioned her book "Speedbumps". Yes, the title resonates the same message my website does ... Great minds think alike! You may want to check out my "MS... Just A Bump In the Road" Package which contains 2 CDs (one which talks about how to give yourself a "Mood Makeover") and a tip sheet and bookmark that gives my Top 5 Secrets to Lovin' Life Now, despite having MS and a great book on manifesting whatever you want in your life. Visit and scroll down to the "MS... Just A Bump In the Road" Package. It's a "must have", especially if you are newly diagnosed with MS!

Back to the Larry King Live show...
Teri Garr mentioned that she has been living with MS for 22 years. Some of the MS Symptoms she has experienced are numbness, tingling, tripping, stabbing pain in her arm. She was only diagnosed in 1999 (approximately 25 years after some of her first symptoms). Teri Garr sees the positive side -- she says it is not in her nature to focus on the negatives! What struck me the most was when she said that in Hollywood "growing older as a woman is more of a handicap than the illness itself". Sure, there is discrimination as a result of the perception that people with MS can not do as much as someone without the disease --- baloney! This panel proved that perception wrong. And many other people are proving that perception wrong as well! It's all about attitude and your mind set. If you believe that MS has you beat and that it defines you ... it will. If you believe that it's "Just Another Bump In the Road of Life"... it will be!

These days, there are lots of therapy options out there for people with RRMS (Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis). 22 years ago, a doctor would have told you to go home and that there is nothing he/she could do (that's if they were even able to diagnosis it). Now, doctors are diagnosiing the disease quicker (I was diagnosed within 10 days of my first exacerbation), and telling there patients that there are drug therapies that can help slow the progression of the disease.

It was mentioned on the show that "people with MS still have vitality and a brain" -- yes, that is very true. We are only defined by the way we handle MS, not by the disease itself. Matter of fact, we are all defined more by how we respond to any life challenge. That's what speaks volumes to our character, our courage and our spirit!

MS can be... Just Another Bump In the Road of your life. Look to the people who have MS but are living life to it's fullest, despite the diagnosis! Let them be your inspiration to see the positives in your life, be grateful for what you DO HAVE, and live each day as if it's a gift ... because it is!

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