Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More Money --- will it bring you happiness?

Every one I speak to wants more money! Try it ... ask someone you know if they would like to have more money or an extra source of income or a raise or to win the lottery.

Most people will say ... YES!

Well, WHY do you think this is? I know that there are statistics that show that there is a negative correlation between the amount of money people make and their overall happiness --- imagine that ... money does NOT bring happiness; otherwise every one who had lots of money would have a very happy and joyous life. But, that's all you need to do is take a look at celebrities lives... they have lots of money -- but I bet if you asked them whether they are totally happy with their lives, they would say "NO!" (Many of them definitely have lots of relationship issues ... the money is sure not helping in that department of their lives!)

For me, having an abundance of money connotes "freedom" & "comfort". My happiness, however is only correlated with how much I am living my life with passion and doing the things that bring me joy with the person I love. I make sure that I do many road trips --- because doing road trips with the person I love brings me a LOTS of happiness. I love going out to eat with friends and spending hours speaking about life and laughing a lot! I love helping people with their overall health and well-being, inspiring to be Lovin' Life, despite any challenge they are facing in their life ... why ? Because, life is short ... you only get one shot at it and if you are not choosing to be Lovin' Life now, then you are wasting precious time! Life is good! Every morning when I wake up, get out of bed, and have a fresh new start to my day is a GREAT day!

The way this post started was about having more money ... yes, I want more money too... but the point is NOT because I think it will bring me happiness. I think all of us have the ability to be happy and enjoy life now, despite our current financial situation. I ALSO believe that our financial situation is within our control and we could have more money if we really wanted to and offered the vibration of "more money" on a daily basis! More of "offering the vibration of more money" in my next blog. Stay tuned! :)

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Warmest Regards,
Maria C. Lesetz
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