Thursday, January 04, 2007

The SECRET to the Secret

I was just listening to The Secret CD series (I am sure you have heard of the movie ... The Secret ... well the CDs are fantastic as well!)

Well, anyway, The Secret to the secret is SO simple but many people have a really hard time doing it... the secret to the secret is...

"To BE and FEEL happy ... NOW!" ~ Rhonda Byrne

As I am sitting here and writing this blog, I am thinking to myself "well, if it was that easy to 'be and feel happy now, and if that's all it took for people to attract anything they want into their life, then everyone would have everything they want, right?"

But, it's not that easy because people have a lot of stuff in their heads .. negative and disempowering beliefs that they were raised with as a child that they took into their adult life (that they FEEL on a daily basis), media clips on the news and in the papers that just confirm all the negative that's going on around us, and of course people continue to observe what they don't have (which puts them in lack mode), which by the law of attraction, brings them MORE of what they don't want!

I used to act and sing in plays and musicals and realize that if I can only "ACT AS IF" I already have what I desire and believe it with every fiber of my being (as a REAL good actor would do), then all that I want would come to me (according to the Law of Attraction). It responds to your thoughts and feelings -- so if I am feeling grateful and blessed in this present moment and feel that I have already received all the goals that I am looking to achieve, then WOW... I will attract ALL that I want.

Many people think this is a bunch of "you know what", but I believe that it is absolutely true. Think about it ... when you have felt elated and joyful ... do you receive more joy in your life at that point in time? Now, go to the other side of it ... when things in your life are really crappy and you continue to focus on all those bad things, telling everyone about your misfortunes, do you receive more bad stuff? Do things feel like they are getting worse? Of course they do!

The Secret to the Secret ... "BE AND FEEL HAPPY ... NOW!" is the key to Lovin' Life ... it's the key to a joy-filled life.

Maria C. Lesetz
Certified Life Coach for Doctors
Independent Univera LifeSciences Associate


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