Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I don't have enough time (or money)!

Have you ever noticed that people always have the excuse of "I don't have enough time" (second top excuse for not doing something ... "don't have enough money!")

Do you know why that is? I do. Basically, it is just an excuse. One time I asked a client of mine if she would have enough time if all of a sudden a doctor told her that she had to take off work and get a whole bunch of tests because she has some serious health challenge or disease. When it came to a life or death situation, all of a sudden, she would have enough time to go to the doctors and take care of herself. I also find that when you ask women especially, this is one of their biggest excuses --- but again, throw another scenario at them. If all of a sudden they had to devote some extra special time to their child because he got injured at school, everthing else drops and time is found in that very busy schedule.

So, is it about TIME or is it about PRIORITIES? I think it is all about what the person deems as a Priority in their life. Ask a person who is going to school to get an advanced degree in a specialty that they adore (while simultaneously having a full-time job and raising 3 kids) -- how does that person do that? Because getting that degree is a PRIORITY --- the benefit of getting that degree FAR OUTWEIGHS the drawbacks and time constraints that it may impose on their already busy schedule.

The same goes for money. It's funny how many people don't have the money to buy or purchase products that may improve their overall health -- but they won't think twice about purchasing a brand new flat screen TV for their home or spending money (they don't have) on upgrading their entire home (and paying that expense off for years and years to come). Again, it's all about priority --- or at least perceived priority. If there is a perceived immediate benefit to what the person is about to buy, the amount of money they will have to spend will not be as much of a factor --- matter of fact, it takes a back seat!

I have made a decision to spend money on my health and well-being. Some people would think I am nuts for spending that much money on my overall health. But to me, my health is on the top of the list of my priorities .. because without it ... you have nothing! You can't fully enjoy the luxuries of life, if you don't have your health.

So, next time you hear someone say they don't have enough time or enough money --- what they are really saying is that whatever is being proposed to them is not a priority in the scheme of their life. However, if they are convinced that it should be a priority and truly believe it is worthy of immediately moving up their list of priorities, then AND ONLY THEN, will they spend time or money on it.

Those are my thoughts on the issues of "time" and "money" being excuses!

Warmest Regards,
Maria C. Lesetz
Certified Life Coach for Doctors
Univera LifeSciences Independent Associate


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