Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weight Loss Success: Shift that negative charge around "FAT" & excess pounds!

In my last post I wrote about all of us being Olympic Athletes in the sport of negative thinking. Well, when it comes to the topic of weight, especially for us women, the negative vibration around this topic can be off the charts! Don't you agree, ladies?

How many times do you obsess over those few extra pounds (yes, sometimes it is even 2 lbs that you "gained" and are freaking out about) or do you continue to focus on that one area of your body that you are not too thrilled with? Yeah, I thought so. It's amazing how OFTEN we obsess over the exact thing we do not like about our bodies. Start counting how often you have these thoughts and you will be amazed at the power you give the exact thing that you do not like!

But do you know that all that power you give to your unappealing body or body weight is the exact thing that puts the pause button on aligning with that fit body that you so desire?

Yes, it is true. You know the deal with the Law of Attraction. It is a Law that is always in action where "like attracts like". So, if you are focusing on your fat body or the number on the scale that you are unhappy with ... you WILL get more of the same!

But you know this already and you still can't shift your focus to better feeling thoughts. You feel that you are possessed with this feeling that doesn't feel so good about where you are at with your overall fitness level and the way your body looks.

Here's the "skinny" truth ... until you can accept your body for the way it is right now and release the resistance you have around your body image, you will continue to have this "weight issue".

Believe it or not, that negative charge you have around your excess weight will ADD more weight to that body of yours, not subtract! What you concentrate on expands. Period. (And yes, if you are concentrating on those wide hips or those thunder thighs and how much you dislike them ... look out ... that focus can literally "expand" your body!)

The only way to permanently lose that excess weight, maintaining a healthy and fit body for life, is to change your mindset to one that is aligned with joy.

I know ... now I hear you saying "How the heck do I align with joy when I am not feeling very joyous about where I am at with my weight?" I hear that one ALL the time from my new coaching clients who hire me to help them to permanently lose that weight by embracing a fresh new mindset.

I also hear this one ... How do I "accept what is" when I am staring at "what is" (in the mirror) and saying "Argh" or "Yuck"or "That's disgusting"?

It's a great question with a simple answer. You need to start consciously shifting your focus to what you do like about yourself and start being more kind to the one that matters most ... YOU!

In my Law of Attraction Weight Loss Program I teach my clients how to shift the "Argh" feeling to a more peaceful feeling of acceptance which opens the doors to manifesting a healthy and fit body!

So, remember ... next time you get on that scale and your mood shifts to a negative place because of the number it reflects, you are actually attracting more excess weight to you by taking score and feeling bad about it. You are mis-creating in that moment.

Don't weigh yourself unless you know it will be a good-feeling experience.
Come up with another way to measure your success --- one that will make you feel good!

Hey ... I threw out the scale. It wasn't serving me -- so, I had no need for it!

Your success is all about feeling good right now in this present moment. When you learn to do that on a regular basis ... look out! Positive manifestations will abound!


Certified Life Coach for Doctors 10:23 AM  

One more thing ... what you think about YOU impacts what you attract into your life. Be appreciative of the body you have, the fact that you woke up today, the abundant blessings that surround you in your life. When you are laser focused on the blessings you have, more blessings will come to you in ALL areas of your life -- including your overall health and well-being!

Maria Lesetz of Lovin' Life 7:28 PM  

Ok ladies ... I want your comments here. Tell me about your experiences with your image in that mirror or what happens when you get on that scale and you don't like what you see. How do you turn it all around and start to feel better?

Debra 8:22 PM  

My latest, greatest response to a scale reading I would rather see differently is...
#1...I laugh.
#2...I visualize the number reading what I would rather it read.
#3...I step off the scale and LOVE & appreciate my body for responding to my requeest.
#4...I go about my day feeling lighter, brighter, in love with me...and in my brilliance!

Cool that you asked this question as I've been having LOADS of fun with this 'lighter' approach. The best part is...the scale is starting to match the number I desire it to read...and I'm just doing my thing, living and loving life...not attached, not worried...just being. And now, with that vibe leading the body can JOYfully respond. :)
In JOY, Debra (@debsoul on Twitter...saw your question w/link to this post there!)

Jeannette,  7:16 PM  

You nailed it, Maria!

AffirmingSpirit 4:39 PM  

I always visualize the number I want to see...and every time I see it, I smile! :D

I love my body and how it quickly responds to my appreciation of it.

Many blessings,

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