Wednesday, April 28, 2010

OOZE with honey and you will LOSE that excess weight!

My latest Lovin' Life e-zine article I wrote was on this popular phrase
"You Get More Bees with Honey!"
and I thought it was worth mentioning here on this blog.

Typically this phrase means that if you want to get the results you want, being nicer and coming from a positive/giving place will attract to you more ideal results then if you are coming from a place of lack or a place of negativity.

Said another way, you will get more “benefits” when you are sweet, kind, happy, and come from a loving and giving place. The type of energy you put out there will mirror back to you.

This happens in business a lot. Do you ever visit a restaurant and have a bad experience with the food or the service and then make a comment to the manager. Now, let’s say the manager comes over to your table, truly listens to what the problem was, expresses their deepest apologies and then comps you a free appetizer or makes the dinner on them. How does that make you feel? Do you want to go back to this restaurant? Does it give you a warm, fuzzy feel about the service that this restaurant provides to their customers?

Now what if that same manager came over and said “Oh, I’m sorry about that” (not really meaning it) and didn’t really listen to your concerns and on top of that they did nothing to make you feel like you were special. They didn’t even accommodate you for the inconvenience. Which manager do you think is going to make you want to come back to that same restaurant? Yep, you guessed it ... the first one!

Now, let's talk about how the heck this applies to lovin' life and losing weight!

I want you to think of this phrase, “You Get More Bees with Honey”, in a different way.

Think of the “BEES” as your dream of having your ideal body and
think of the “HONEY” as the way YOU TREAT YOU!

Imagine this … the sweeter you are to you, the more honey you are oozing!
(Do a self-check right now – are you oozing lots of honey OR are you kind of dried up?)

When you are being kind to yourself and consciously aligning with what brings you joy each day, you are oozing HONEY and your dream of losing weight and feeling great (the bees) will attract to you naturally and with ease; But when you are beating up on yourself, thinking that you look fat and disgusting and NOT taking extra special care of YOU, there is no honey to be found. No honey ... no bees (dream) in sight.

Your dreams unfold in direct proportion to how much you love life now and treat yourself well. Extreme self-care is a key ingredient to getting what you want in life. When you treat yourself well, then the world will too and realizing your dreams will feel so much easier than it ever has.

So next time you catch yourself being “mean to you” and saying "not so nice" things about how you look, do yourself a favor and stop in the act of meanness and do something that will put a smile on your face.

Change the story you tell yourself about you. Find the things you LOVE about you. And yes, there are many things you can find. You just have to look for them.

So how do you treat yourself better?
Go listen to something inspirational. Get a massage. Read a book. Take a bath. Meditate. Treat yourself to a mini-vacation. Go out for an enjoyable meal with someone you love. Tell yourself in the mirror – you are special. Matter of fact, look in the mirror and say “yeah me!” – why not celebrate you? You are worth it. You are special.

I know, that last one about looking in the mirror and saying "Yeah Me" when you think you look fat, seems to be a tough one. But stop focusing on the body parts that you don't like. Shift your attention to what you do like about you. You have the choice to do so. So, why not do it?!

Give yourself a break. Your mind, body and soul will THANK YOU when you do and you will feel so much better. And when you do give yourself that break and TREAT yourself well, the HONEY IS OOZING and the manifestations of losing that excess weight will come so much easier to you.

If you are beating up on yourself all the time, not liking what you see in the mirror, how can you expect to change the state of where you are at? If like attracts like (which it does), you are just going to be attracting more "proof" that you don't look good or that your weight is an "issue". Find the proof to the contrary.

Remember the honey analogy and you WILL be well on your way to that healthy and fit body you so desire!

Yes, ooze with honey and that excess weight will come off far easier than if you are stressed out about where you are at and how far you have to go.

If I had to sum it up in one short sentence, I would say ...


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