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Certified Life Coach for Doctors with Health Challenges

Did you ever stop to think how doctors feel when they face a health challenge? Afterall, they are the ones who take care of us, right? They're not supposed to get sick or have a health issue to address. Not only that, they know what the potential problem could be. I am sure that they run through the options in their head and don't want to deal with the issue at hand. Do they want another doctor to tell them, "you have _______" (where the blank is some health condition or disease that they treat others on but sure don't want to know that they have it!)

Here's a little story about a doctor that I will never forget. He was my first Neurologist , the one that diagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis. This Neurologist had great "bedside manners". He was a doctor that actually showed he cared about me, as his patient. After I got my MRI, he scheduled an appointment to tell me the results and diagnose what it was I had. He made me the last patient on his schedule that day. He displayed the MRI's, pointing to some "white spots". I got the idea that those "white spots" were not supposed to be there. He sat me down and told me that it could be one of three things, "Vasculitis, Lymes Disease or Multiple Sclerosis" and that after all the tests, he felt it was Multiple Sclerosis. He also followed it up with "I know it doesn't feel this way right now, but "MS will become Just A Bump In The Road" of your life! And that definitely stuck with me and made a big impression since as you know, it inspired the creation of my website ... and my passsion for going around the country and spreading this message to others with MS.

Back to the doctor, he also took the time during that appointment, as long as I needed, to answer any questions I had and assist me with absorbing the news. He gave me resources to look up (he spoke to my statistician side of me). He told me to do my research and told me about all the options of the drug therapies. He told me to make the decision that was right for me. I liked that. First of all, there were options. Second of all, he recogized the fact that it was my body and my life and that I should have some say as to what I put in it. That appointment was a long one. His entire staff left the office before we did. We closed down the office. He really made an impression on me. Now, here's the kicker ... one of the reasons why I feel this doctor was so compassionate towards me and the rest of his patients is because he was dealing with a health challenge himself. I never was sure what it was, but since then I have heard that it was Parkinson's Disease. Of course, he understood what it was like to be diagnosed with a Chronic Health Condition and hear the words "YOU have _______".
I truly believe that this contributed to his wonderful approach with dealing with patients. I am sure that part of it was also his personality too but one thing I do know... it must be very difficult for a Doctor to accept and deal with having a health condition.

I have since heard that my First Neurologist has retired (due to his health challenge). Patients were leaving him and going to other doctors in the office. can you imagine how this Doctor must have felt when this started to happen? That's all I know is that he made a huge difference in my life and I Thank Him in my thoughts all the time. I am grateful that he was the first Neurologist I saw and was diagnosed by.

This is where my motivation and passion around helping doctors came from. I KNOW that my specialized life coaching program can help a doctor deal with the diagnosis of a health challenge easier and help him/her to STAY INVINCIBLE and maintain that energy level that he/she wants to always have (especially to keep up with his/her schedule!). Being professionally trained as a Certified Coach for Doctors, through Le Coach 4 U and Coaching Institute, I understand doctors and I know the best way to effectively work with them. Here's my vision, if a doctor is accepting and dealing with his/her own health challenge better, don't you think that will have an effect on his/her patients? Of course it will. It will have an effect on the Doctor's professional life and personal life. Dealing with a health challenge can have an impact on multiple areas of your life. Depending on how you approach it and your attitude towards it, it can make or break the other areas of your life. It is extremely possible to live a rich and fulfilling life, with a health challenge. And I know HOW to do just that!

If you are a Doctor who is currently dealing with a health challenge and having a difficult time accepting it, give me a call at 541-686-1326. I would be happy to offer you a complimentary consultation and tell you how I can help you to "stay invincible" and remove the additional stress that comes from dealing with a health challenge!

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