Sunday, December 11, 2005

When something someone says HURTS you...

Have you ever had someone say something to you that really hurt you? I'm sure you have.

But what did you do about it? Did you speak up to the person and tell them how you felt when they said what they did? OR did you just dwell on it in your mind over and over again, thinking about it all the time and feeling worse and worse as you contemplated what that person said?

Within the past few months, someone said something to me that really bothered me. I was hurt. I felt "let down". But I am the type of person that believes in speaking up and confronting the issue. So, I did just that. Next time I spoke to the person, I told them that what they said really hurt me and that I felt "let down". This person apologized profusely and said that they never intended to hurt me -- that they thought "the world" of me and that I was one of their favorite people. Interesting, isn't it? This person thinks very highly of me and considers me to be a special person, yet when they said what they did, they were not aware that it was very hurtful.

This can happen. Some people don't realize the impact of what they say or do. It is your responsibility to protect yourself, to set your own boundaries, to speak up to people that say or do things that hurt you. Now, of course, there are the type of people that say things to INTENTIONALLY hurt you or "push your buttons". Again, it is still very important to tell these people that their behavior is not acceptable to you. This doesn't mean that the person is going to stop what they are saying or doing right away. But you do have a choice on how often you see or speak to that person. If you get to the point where you feel someone is "toxic" to your overall state of mind and well-being, then you must do something about this. You are the top priority in your life. Without your great health and an overall healthy state of mind, what does your life look like? (You may want to consider getting my Mood Makeover CD which addresses the issue of "Toxic people and your overall health" in further detail --- visit and scroll down to the individual CD that is part of my MS... Just A Bump In the Road package. My Mood Makeover CD is sold separately and is well worth the investment!)

Always remember to protect yourself and set your boundaries so that they are acceptable to you. And if you are still harboring on what that person said to you, even after you spoke up, then you are being given an opportunity to look deeper at the situation and figure out why that statement that was said to you, still bothers you so much. You may have to "let go" of something. What is it?

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