Monday, February 06, 2006

What to tell your loved ones after being diagnosed

When you are just diagnosed with an illness, there is a lot of images and thoughts that run through your mind (either that or you are totally numb and don't know what to think or do).

Then there are the people around us that mean well but they have no idea what to say to you either (sometimes they can say things that make us feel worse than we already may feel!).

Here's a list of the "Top 5 Things to tell you loved ones after being diagnosed with an Illness":

1) I need some time to absorb the news. Please understand if I am quieter than usual or if I need to talk about what's going through my mind.

2) I DON'T want or need a "pity party"! I need your encouragement and support on getting through this with flying colors... which I will! NO STINKIN' THINKIN' AROUND ME!

For those family, friends and acquaintances that say, after hear you have been diagnosed with an illness "Oh, I'm SO SORRY, you poor thing", just reply "Don't be sorry! This is "just another bump in the road" of my life!"

3) If you catch me worrying about the future, just remind me to stay, right here, in the present moment.

4) I need to keep my stress level at a minimum (since stress can create more problems with my health). So, please do everything you possibly can to ensure that I experience a stress-free environment.

5) When I'm "in a funk" and not in the right space & place in my mind, remind me to write down all the things I am grateful for --- shifting my focus on the positives in my life.

Being diagnosed with a Chronic Health Condition or any type of illness can be quite overwhelming at first. It's very important to teach the people around us how to treat us so that they support us in a way that enhances our overall health and well-being.

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