Friday, January 27, 2006

Top 5 Secrets to Lovin' Life Now!

I have created a website just for people to receive a free copy of my Top 5 Secrets to Lovin' Life Now Teleconference CD.

Reduce Stress, Increase Your Energy Level, & Improve Your Overall Quality of Life with these 5 simple steps! I believe in these 5 steps so much that I want to share this with as many people as I can.

So, this $20 Audio Program is Yours FREE when you visit !

You have more control on how you experience your life than you think you do!
It’s time for YOU to discover how to live a rich and fulfilling life, despite living with a health challenge (or for that matter despite ANY life challenge you are facing!)

Many people have already listened to this powerful audio program and have begun their journey to Lovin’ Life, despite the challenges they are facing! Will you be joining them?

Here's one of the testimonials:
"This is an excellent CD! Thank you so much. When I listened to it, I really needed your words of encouragement and your energy. I am going through a rough period in my business and personal life, and your CD gave me an extra boost to keep moving forward." ~ Richard D

Visit and order your complimentary copy of my Top 5 Secrets to Lovin' Life Now CD!

Warmest Regards,
Maria C. Lesetz,
Lovin' Life
Motivational Speaker & Certified Life Coach for Doctors
Statistical Consultant
(541) 686-1326
(541) 484-4146 FAX (or (Blog for Doctors) (coming soon!)

America's #1 Motivational Speaker & Life Coach for People with Multiple Sclerosis!
AND America's #1 Certified Life Coach for Doctors with Health Challenges!

I specialize in working with Doctors and their families who are dealing with a health challenge AND Doctors who feel like their work lifestyle is beginning to have a negative impact on their overall Health and Well-being.


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