Monday, March 20, 2006

MRI Test and Appreciation

I would like to share with you an experience I had while I was getting my MRI last week. I truly hope that what I experienced inspires you to make a positive change in how you handle your current “bumps in the road”.

During the "no contrast" part of the MRI (no dyes, just straight up pictures of the brain and c-spine), they were playing a radio station that had oldies music (Don't go breakin' my heart /Elton John stuff) -- it was actually interfering with the "zen" place I was trying to get myself in AND it was very warm in there (which was kickin' up my sensory symptoms).

The more I felt my sensory symptoms in my hands and legs, the more I wanted to move to “shake” them away (if you know what I mean). It also challenged me to continue to focus on my positive visions and not let my mind “run a muck” with WHY those sensory symptoms were more intense.

Because of what I teach to others and the techniques that I practice on a daily basis, I kept on bringing myself back to a focused, centered state. However, it was far more difficult with that radio station playing in my ear and the things that I was physically feeling (being warm). That part of the test seemed VERY long.

However, the part of the MRI test that I was most worried about -- the contrast part (with dyes) --- ended up going REALLY smooth! And let me tell you why I think it did. After the tech guy injected the contrasts into me (that's after he found the vein on the third try!), I asked him to turn off the music and loosen the headset (he couldn’t take it off because he said it would move the position of my head).

He put me back into "the tube" and I started to Thank God for all the things in my life ... EVERYTHING ... I was grateful TO THE MAX! I must have expressed my gratitude and appreciation for at least 1000 things while I was going through that part of the test! I expressed appreciation for loved ones, my home, every aspect of my body, the food I eat, the people that come in and out of my life, the money that I have in the bank, the people that are my support systems that help me to become an even more successful entrepreneur than I already am, the creative ideas that flow to me that help the MS community, the doctors I go to, the tech guy that was doing my MRI, and YOU, the subscriber of my Newsletter list… the list goes on… EVERYTHING!!!! I was even saying “Thank You” to the rhythm and beat of the knocking noises

And you know what, I had NO sensory symptoms during that part of the test! They were gone. Isn’t that interesting? I was still slightly warm but my hands went back to normal and I was feeling fine. I really do think that the state of appreciation that I put myself in had a positive effect on not only my mind but my whole body!

After the test I was in such a GREAT mood! I went out to dinner and continued with that very HIGH ENERGY gratitude feeling. I felt like I was high! (I never got “high” in my life … but I imagine that is what it would feel like! Actually I am SURE that what I was feeling was even BETTER than being high!) I was SOOOO appreciative of everything that was in front of me, everyone I spoke to, the food I was eating, the love I had in my life!

And you know what ... I had an ah-hah moment. If I could feel that way ALL the time, think of the possibilities of what wonderful things would flow into my life!!! Imagine feeling like that more often. How do you think that would impact your overall health and well-being?! You got it … it would positively impact it … ten-fold!

So, start expressing GREAT appreciation for all that you DO have in your life. Even if right now you are experiencing a “bump” in the road of your life … this is the best time to express that gratitude and appreciation. Feel that appreciation in your heart. See the things in your mind that you are grateful for. Smile as you think of all those things. It works. I know.

What do you have to lose by trying this exercise? Absolutely NOTHING! You only have something to gain.

P.S. I am evaluating a software product right now that I think will be a phenomenal tool for people with MS and others with chronic health conditions. It helps you practice ways of achieving LESS STRESS and optimal harmony of your emotions, mind and body. It’s an interactive way to SHIFT your mood and state of well-being within MINUTES and continue to learn how to STAY in the place more frequently. So far, I have tested this software out on myself and a few other people and find it FASCINATING how quickly each of us can get into a more relaxed, optimal stress-free state with the techniques that come with it. AND IT’S REALLY COOL to see it monitor your heart rate and rhythms. It most definitely demonstrates HOW QUICKLY the heart rhythm pattern responds to thoughts and emotions. It’s proof in REAL TIME of what I have been teaching for years. If you are interested in getting this software for yourself and would like to be part of my FIRST PILOT GROUP of people with MS, contact me at and tell me that you would be interested in participating and want to find out the details. I need at least 10 people to start this pilot group so spread the word around. Thanks!

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