Thursday, March 23, 2006

What Diet are you feeding Your Brain?

We are all so focused on what type of food we are eating. The United States, especially. is fixated on what the "diet du jour" is.

But, have you ever thought about what type of diet you are feeding your brain?

No, I don't mean actual food (although there are some foods that are supposed to be very good for your brain ). I am talking about what we watch on TV, what we read about in the news and the media, what thoughts we allow to enter our brains and what we think about on a daily basis.

Don't you think that what we "feed" our brains has an effect on our overall health and well-being, our state of inner peace, our power to attract what we want in our lives?

Well, I do. I have found that lately I am more into watching "funny" movies or movies and shows that make me think and reflect (like "What the bleep do we know?"). Now, I am not saying that I never watch TV shows that have violence, murder, and content that is disturbing -- but I have just been finding that those programs MUST have an impact on one's state of mind. They have to. It's what we are feeding our brains. What if, instead of watching the news one night, I listened to peaceful, serene music that had nature's beautiful sounds? Would I have a better sleep? Would I wake up in a better mood the next morning? Would my dreams be different?

Just some "food" for "thought" ... literally. Next time you turn on the TV or rent a movie, pay attention to what your brain is thinking about when you finished watching the show. Then ask yourself the question... would you want your brain to be thinking about this all the time? What do you think the effect would be on your life?

P.S. Also, what type of thoughts do you think about each day... are your thoughts in the "gutter" .. that negative place that doesn't serve you, but you can't help but going there? Start changing the type of thoughts you have and you would be amazed at how it will transform your life.

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