Wednesday, April 05, 2006

We are all Human ... even the "gurus"!

I recently spoke to a Law of Attraction guru who gives great seminars and classes and realized in that conversation that "even the gurus are human". His vibes were negative about a teleconference that he conducted. He was "disappointed" at the attendance and had all the negative vibes around whether people were going to take any action and purchase his products.

I proceeded to ask him "what kind of vibe is that?". He then told me that based upon his statistics, he just knows that it's NOT going to be a success. Oh my God! The Law of Attraction expert used the word "NOT" -- a word that he teaches us not to use. Amazing!

Now, first of all, I am not picking on him. I want you to know that we are ALL human -- even the people that help us and guide us. We all have our moments. The other things I want you to realize is the following:

When he mentioned statistics to me, I right away told him that
"I am a statistician and have always lived my life as an outlier … I don’t follow the “norm”. Why should this call follow your normal statistics? It’s going to be a massive success!"

You see, no matter what the statistics say, I think we all have to believe in what we want -- if the person with cancer believed the doctor that said "you have only 6 weeks to live", how would that turn out? And I know MANY stories where the patient has proven the Doctor wrong.

Then take cases like Lance Armstrong. Do you think his Doctors told him that he would live as long as he has so far AND that he would accomplish as much as he has athletically? Absolutely NOT!

So, the moral of my blog story here is
#1) We are all human!
#2) Never give up on something if you really want it, no matter what the odds look like!

Many people are proving the odds wrong every single day.

Matter of fact, if the Law of Attraction is all it's cracked up to be, then wouldn't this concept being defying the statistics or the odds ALL THE TIME?

Think about it. Woudl love to hear your thoughts on this.

Maria C. Lesetz
Certified Wellness Coach for Doctors
Motivational Speaker and Life Coach for people with Multiple Sclerosis
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