Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The impact of "It Could Happen Tomorrow!"

Are you familiar with the TV segment on the weather channel 'It could happen tomorrow'?

Every time I see the commercial for that, I change it to another station.

Talk about the Law of Attraction! Do you think that the weather disasters that these shows come up with and 'predict' for the future, has an impact on what actually happens?
I sure do.

Talk about creating your reality and putting an energy of a negative scenario out there that hasn't happened yet and making thousands of people focus on it and believe it and be fearful of it. Hello! This is a negative influence playing on your mind and affecting your overall state of mind.

Man, if I lived in a place that the weather channel featured in this show and I watched that segment of 'It could happen tomorrow', I could end up being terrified (or at least more UNEASY than before). Do these types of shows serve you and make you feel better? They sure don't nourish MY Mind, Body, and Soul!

Matter of fact, it doesn't even matter whether I live in the area they are featuring or not; that's just feeding my mind with garbage and I choose to fill my mind up with more pleasant, peaceful images.

You can play a game of 'It could happen tomorrow' in a positive light --- with the Lovin' Life twist :)

Just pretend that your life in the future is one, big blank white canvas with nothing on it but what you want to create. What would you draw on that canvas?
What picture would you create?

Now remember, your future can look like ANYTHING you want it to look like - play with this exercise, have fun with it - feel the joy of having exactly what you want.

Remember ... 'it' COULD happen --- if you focus on it --- whether 'it' is a good thing OR a bad thing. It's up to you.

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