Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Celebrities - Part 2

I have to continue to write about celebrities. The topic is on my brain. It's amazing to me how many people idolize celebrities; little girls want to be the next Brittany Spears; all the people on American Idol and all those other reality TV shows that showcase people's talents (well, some have talent!), want to be rich and famous. But many of these people don't have any clue what it is really like to be a celebrity. Society only sees the side of it that they want to see ... the glitz and glamor ... and not the rest of the "BS" that comes along with being in the spotlight all the time.

I have no desire to be a celebrity. Matter of fact, I am more passionate about helping celebrities with their overall quality of life than being one myself. I want to be that silent millionaire and be enjoying my privacy at the same time. Sure, as a Motivational Speaker I thrive on speaking to big crowds and getting them motivated and inspired to follow their heart and dreams, but when it comes to being a celebrity ... not for me.

Yes, lots of money can bring a sense of "comfort" and "freedom" -- there are certain restrictions that are lifted off your shoulders when you have all the money that celebrities do. And, don't get me wrong, of course I would love that level of wealth ... and one day I WILL have it. However, think of all the restrictions that are added once a celebrity has a reached a certain level of fame. They can't go out to their regular stores (without being harassed by the Papa Razzi). The level of security in their home has to be at a heightened level than it ever was before. Every move they make out in public is scrutinized and criticized, even though all human beings make mistakes, celebrities mistakes are BIG NEWS! There is a sense of freedom that is taken away from a celebrity ... the kind that I have now. This type of freedom is not determined by the amount of money in your bank account -- it is determined by your anonymity! It's all a matter of perspective. If someone looks into the life of a celebrity, they may see all the positives and wish they were that person. However, I bet there are many celebrities that look into the life of a regular, non-celebrity person and wishes they had that level of privacy and peace!

The grass isn't always greener on the other side, is it?

I am all for a celebrity having a certain level of privacy -- isn't it their human right? Yeah, I know, the media and Papa Razzi would say that they gave up that right when they became famous. Who says? Who decided that? The media (and of course, it doesn't help that society wants to buy all those trashy magazines that give the dish on every celebrity's misfortune!)

Why is it that society is so fascinated by the misfortune of others and the drama behind people's lives? I know ... that's what sells ... but why?

I tend to look for the news reports that center around the good that people are doing ... the positive stuff! I know, I am most likely in the minority ... however, it works for me. That's what I like to surround myself by... the heart-warming news; the positive that people are doing that makes the world a better place; the amazing stories of people overcoming health challenges and living their life in a big way, despite the challenges they face!

So, next time you are in awe of a celebrity's life, give it a second thought and be grateful for your own life that you have. There are many aspects of your life that a celebrity would die for!

Warmest Regards,
Maria C. Lesetz
Lovin’ Life
Certified Wellness Coach for Doctors
& Motivational Speaker

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