Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Baby Boomers Health

Here are some statistics that I just read on Baby Boomers:

* Boomers control 70% of all U.S. assets, purchase 80% of all travel and eat out 3 times a week, consuming a diet filled with empty calories.

* Someone turns 50 every 7 seconds, more than 15,000 every day.

* The "over 50" group buys more than 50% of all over-the-counter drugs and 74% of all prescriptions.

* Boomers are concerned about their own mortality and are searching for quality of life. According to Newsweek magazine, preventive health care is expected to grow from $300 billion to $1 trillion in just a decade.

As a society, we are living longer and are longing for a higher quality of life in our latter part of life. Baby boomers are also looking for more natural routes to improve their overall health and well-being. Yet, they constantly are finding new health challenges that add up as they get older and as you can see from the statistics, are taking lots of prescription and over the counter drugs. Are ALL these drugs helping us? or do some of them cause more problems which lead us to taking a new drug for that new problem. You know what I am talking about!

As a statistician, I have been doing a lot of reseach on natural supplements that are top quality and will help me to maintain my great health. I was diagnosed with MS in 2002 and was on a traditional drug therapy for over 3 years, but then I had a severe reaction to the drug and was told to switch to another drug therapy. At this point in time of my life, I have decided to go the natural route -- not a popular decision with the doctors, but one that feels right to me. Many of the drug therapies for MS cause side effects that are not very pleasant and the side effects are treated with other drugs. I know some people with MS that are on over 5 different types of drugs -- this can't be good for a person's body. Can it?

If you are a baby boomer who is looking for optimal wellness, first ask yourself the following questions:

As you are aging, do you find new little health issues creeping up on you?

Are you seeing new "age spots" on your body? (not "new age" :)

Do you have some aches and pains that you didn't have before?

Do you find that you can't do those chores as quickly as you used to? or that when you are doing the gardening, you come back into the house and discover that you have muscles you never knew you had?

Are you finding that you are putting on some extra "baby boomer" pounds that just crept on you and you find yourself asking "Where did that extra weight come from ... I haven't changed a thing in my diet?"

Are you frustrated because you are on so many prescription drugs and still don't feel "healthy"?

Well, from the research I have done, I have found products that impress the heck out of me in terms of their quality and the research that has been done on them. Double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trials are performed with these natural, wellness products. I am taking these products and feeling confident that these products are supplying my body with the nutrients and supplements it needs to stay healthy and repair any damage that has been done over the years as a result of the aging process.

Check out these products at: and click on Products. Call me if you have any questions on these products or if you would like a sample to try (if you are in the US or Canada).

Warmest Regards,
Maria C. Lesetz
Lovin’ Life
Certified Life Coach for Doctors
& Motivational Speaker
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