Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Secret is coming to Oprah!

I just read that The Secret is coming to the Oprah Show on February 8th. That's big news! Once it hits Oprah ... it's huge, right!

The Secret is all about The Law of Attraction --- something I have been teaching my coaching clients for over 6 years now. However, it has only recently hit the mainstream since the launch of the book and movie called "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. Actually, there was a movie called "What the Bleep do we Know" which also covers the science of the Law of Attraction and how we can attract anything that we want into our lives by our thoughts and feelings.

What do you want more of in your life? Better health, more money, your ideal mate, a wildly successful home-based business? Well, by applying the concepts of the Law of Attraction, you can become a deliberate creator of your life. We all create our reality -- it's just that most of the time we are creating our lives non-deliberately, sending out negative vibes around the thing we actually want to have in our life because we constantly talk about what we DON'T want!

If you have a chance, watch the Oprah Show on February 8th on The Secret and after it, if you are looking for a Law of Attraction Coach to help you apply these principles to your life, contact me at Maria@MariaLesetz.com . I would be happy to assist you with attracting more money, better health, improved relationships and anything that you truly desire to have in your life.
It can happen! It will happen. Just learn the lessons from The Secret and you will change your life forever!

Warmest Regards,
Maria C. Lesetz
Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker


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