Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Secret on the Oprah Show - Part II

One more thing about watching the Oprah Show on Thursday, February 8th on The Secret:

Keep an open mind. Be willing to take responsibility for what's currently in your life right now. But be motivated by the fact that you can change your life by beginning to consciously change your thoughts and feelings.

It's a process... it's like building a fit body --- do you go to the gym and instantaneosly get muscles and lose all your fat? No. Of course you don't. It takes more exercise and practice --- but if you continue to work out and eat right and take good care of your body, you start seeing the changes physically and begin to get the compliments from others and start feeling fantastic!

Well, applying the Law of Attraction (or The Secret) is similar to that. Since I became a Life Coach (6 years ago), I have been applying the Law of Attraction into my life deliberately. Some things I have been extremely successful in manifesting and other things I am still working on --- WHY? Because there are some areas of our lives that we have "blocks around" and limiting beliefs that hold us back from what we truly want. And sometimes we are unaware that we are attracting the exact things that we DON'T want!

Yes, I know ... it can be frustrating. But I choose to look at it on the positive side. I have a choice to change what I am thinking and feeling. I have a choice to deliberately create what I want in that area of my life. I just got to get rid of that "Stinkin' Thinkin' and start feeling good in every moment. Now I have tools and exercises to do that and I am VERY aware of my feelings (my emotional meter). And in that moment -- I can change my thoughts and feelings so that I can attract exactly what I want into my life.

If you are looking for a Life Coach who specializes in Law of Attraction, contact me at Maria@MariaLesetz.com -- I would love to help you create the life of your dreams! It's all within reach.

Warmest Regards,
Maria C. Lesetz of Lovin' Life
Certified Life Coach
Law of Attraction Coach


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