Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So you feel like crap!

Ok .. I know the title of this blog doesn't seems like something that would be posted on a Lovin' Life Blog, but read on and you will see its relevance.

Many people wonder how I can be SO happy even when there are life challenges that get thrown my way. I think many of these same people want me to be miserable -- they would feel better because misery loves company. But, that's not what I choose. I want to be Lovin' Life and feel more joy on a regular basis --- it feels so much better than being down in the dumps! And life is so much easier this way.

Now ... here's where the title of this blog comes into play ... many people out there feel like crap (to put it bluntly) and they just can't seem to get to the place of joy that they see in me. And of course, they can't -- right away -- it's a step process. You can't go directly from "feeling like crap" to "pure joy" -- it's just not possible. You have to work at it slowly to move yourself up that emotional scale. You can refer to the book Ask and it is Given and read more about the emotional scale I am referring to but generally it is a scale with negative emotions at the bottom with slight increases as you go up the scale all the way up to the top of the scale which is pure joy!

So, how do you move up this scale? Well, step-by-step is the way to go. First off, you have to be very aware of your emotions. Many people don't even realize what emotions they are feeling. But, you can just see it on their faces and then when you confront them about it and say "Hey, John .. you're really in a bad mood today", they look at you and say "no I am not ... I am fine". But most of the time you are picking up on something (call it a "vibe", a "feeling", a "gut") -- but yes, it is a negative vibration that John is giving off but he is just not aware of it. This of course is not a good thing, because if you are unaware of your emotions and you are stuck in a negative rut, you WILL attract more negative into your life experiences. It's a fact. That's the Law of Attraction and it works like a charm ALL THE TIME -- whether you want it to or not.

So ... if you are feeling like crap, find some emotion that makes you feel slightly better -- it could be moving from depression to anger (yes, anger is better than depression) or moving from boredom to contentment. And one of the things that I work on with my coaching clients is to start expressing gratitude each day for the small (or big) things in their life that they deeply appreciate (e.g., the wonderful relationship they are in, their grandchildren, the home they live in, the garden they are growing, the beautiful nature they are always around, the fact that they woke up that morning and were able to get out of bed, etc.). Why tap into the feeling of appreciation and gratitude? Because that's the quickest way to start turning your life around and bring more things that you will appreciate into your life. Remember "like attracts like"!

Here's the real message that you may not want to hear --- Feeling like crap is a choice! You can decide to change the way you feel and slowly but surely work your way up that emotional scale. There are many people out there that may have a lot worse things happening in their life, but they are still choosing to be Lovin' Life and be grateful for the things they do have.

Start your journey to Lovin' Life today!

Maria C. Lesetz
Lovin' Life
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