Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Life Lessons from Politics

As I am watching the news these days, I am noticing a trend. Despite who you want to win during this November election, you probably feel quite strong about your beliefs and values. Am I right? It fascinates me that something can be said by either one of the candidates and it can be interpreted in many different ways (at least 2 different viewpoints!). But how is that possible? We both heard the candidate say the same thing but each of us reacted in a very different way and came to our own conclusions on what the candidate was REALLY trying to say!

So, what does this have to do with Life Lessons? What can you learn from this Presidential race? Well, for starters "You see (and hear) what you believe" NOT the other way around. Let's face it, if you are favoring one party over the other, you are most likely going to hear and see what you believe deep down inside. This relates to our lives! We see the world based on our beliefs. This is what shapes our reality and gives us the experiences that we have. So, the real question is what do you fundamentally believe (no, not just about politics, about your life, about your future, about your current environment and lifestyle)? What you believe, you will continue to see. So, if you want to see things in a different light, you have to change your beliefs. But how the heck do you do that? What if you wanted to see yourself as a very successful person but you deep down believe (by having "see-it-like-it-is-ITIS") that you don't have what it takes to succeed. Will you ever succeed? Probably not! So, what you have to do is start monitoring your every day thoughts and feelings and make a conscious effort to change those thoughts and feelings to something a bit more positive. Start focusing on things that are working as opposed to the things that are not working. Start focusing on the things that you are grateful for, as opposed to the things that you don't have, but wish you did.

I must say, I am glued to the drama that is going on with the political scene right now, but at the same time I find an interesting lesson in the fact that there are no true factual statements --- it all depends on who is talking and giving the report and what they fundamentally believe. In order to keep my sanity and peace, I do make the choice that if I see something or hear something that just plain makes me mad, I change the channel or I leave the TV and go do something else. Getting upset over what people are saying is ridiculous -- because everybody has a viewpoint that is rooted in what they BELIEVE. That's the way they see the world. And trying to fight others who believe something different from you, is just not worth it. You can feel strong about what you believe in and vote in a manner that is consistent with your belief and values. The issues should matter to you. Remember, the media has a way of strongly influencing what we should be focusing on -- but just go back to those beliefs.

And use this as a lesson with your life. If you are seeing something unfold in your life that you don't like or want, then take a good close look at your belief system and your underlying thoughts and feeling around that area of your life, and begin to step-by-step shift those thoughts and beliefs to ones that are more aligned with what you REALLY want in your life & what will make your heart sing and bring you true joy.

Happy Politic"ing" and keep your cool. :)

Maria C. Lesetz
Lovin' Life
Certified Life Coach, specializing in Health & Wellness
& Statistical Consultant who believes in making Statistics FUN! (for Doctors and their families who are looking to be Lovin' Life more often, creating more time for fun and reducing a lot of the stress that comes along with the Medical Profession!)


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