Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Lovin' Life with this economy? Yeah Right!

OK ... I know, the economy is wacked right now -- or so it seems with the 700 billion dollar bailout and the stock market quickly approaching an all-time low. And the news and media is bombarding us with all the bad news everytime we turn on the TV or read the papers or the internet, that it is quite hard to ignore what's going on and still feel STRESS-FREE and be Lovin' Life!

So, being the owner and CEO of Lovin' Life, a life coaching company that helps people to reduce stress and be Lovin' Life, despite any bump in the road they are facing in their life, I get lots of questions like

"How can I be Lovin' Life with everything that is going on in the world?
It's impacting my daily life!"

"Lovin' Life ... yeah right!
How am I supposed to feel good and Love Life
when I am watching my retirement money dwindle in this market?

"Lovin' Life ... Ha! I am just trying to "get by" in these difficult financial times! How do you suppose that I turn things around for myself?
I don't have control over what the market is doing!

Well, I do agree that my company name, Lovin' Life, may not quite resonate with people at this point in time because there is a lack of hope that things can get better; a distrust in our goverment and the people that are running it and a total disbelief in how the hard-working middle-class individual can be negatively impacted in their bank accounts & retirement accounts, while the CEOs of the companies that have folded are living it up with millions in their bank accounts, going on luxury vacations and not being affected at all financially by this mess.

Sounds pretty doom and gloom ... but it doesn't have to be! I constantly tell myself and my clients that the power to change things are within yourself and what you think and feel every single day of your life.

Doesn't it sound appealing to be Lovin' Life? What if you could be Lovin' Life, despite this BIG bump in the road in the financial world? What I have learned over the years is that the choice to be Lovin' Life is just that ... a choice, despite WHATEVER crisis is going on around you. As I have mentioned in a previous post ... "Happiness is an inside Job"! And if you are truly happy, you ARE Lovin' Life!

Here's a few videos that I have been watching from You Tube to continually raise my vibration around money and my ability to attract it, even during these economic times. It's all about FEELING GOOD and these videos have helped me do that:

Millionaire Mind, Say YES to Success ...

Magnet to Money ...

68 Second Money Booster ...

And if you are looking to reduce the stress that you are feeling during these times and would like to attract financial abundance, despite what's going on in the market place, you can learn more about my Lovin' Life Coaching services, by contacting me directly at .

I am here to help you thrive and be Lovin' Life, despite what your reality appears to be at this present moment. And anyway ... I had a coach once say to me:
"Quit assuming that your reality IS your reality!"
To Your Wealth!
Maria C. Lesetz
CEO of Lovin' Life
Certified Life Coach & Motivational Speaker


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