Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stop Trying to do Your Business Backwards!

My colleague and Xtreme Abundance Coach, Jeanna Gabellini has been an entrepreneur since she was 20 years old. She discovered coaching when she was 28. She quickly filled her pipeline with clients with no website, brochure or marketing plan. She attracted an abundance of resources to build a prosperous business with lightening speed.

How? She was passionate, took continuous actions that were fun, followed nobody's rules and did it her way. She began to set her sights on making more money and working less. One year after that decision, Jeanna tripled her income and only worked 3 days a week!

Most People are Trying to Build Their Business Backwards. C'mon, you know that you were born to thrive in business! Nobody starts a business because they think it's going to be hard to get a constant stream of clients. Nor do you start a business in hopes that, financially, you'll barely make it! You had the inspiration and passion to create a vehicle that would allow you to live your life purpose, have freedom of time and have an unlimited capacity for income. That is the driving force that births most new businesses and careers. That's also the reason that multi-level marketing companies are so attractive to people who have J-O-B's.

Check out Jeanna's 8 Keys to get Started!

You may ask:
* Is it truly possible for me to not work my bootie off and still bring in the big bucks?
* Can I fill my pipeline without dumping a lot of money into marketing and/or revamping my
* How do I feel relaxed and not run by my huge to-do list?
* How can I tap back into that passion that birthed the idea of my business?

The answers to these questions are easy.
You CAN have the clients, freedom, systems and passion in FULL FORCE and you will have to get out of your own way. Yep! It's up you to make the changes in yourself first, then you will make the changes in your business.

You will not have to be action kings and queens to turn around your business. Oh, yes, you'll be taking care of some changes, but these changes won't be hard. You won't have to do stuff you don't like! STOP making the process of increasing your level of peace and profits so dang hard!
You deserve to allow extreme prosperity into your life!

How would you like to:
* Double or Triple your current income by challenging your wealth set point?
* Determine which actions you need to immediately increase and which ones you need to throw
out the window because they aren't working?
* Increase the freedom factor in YOUR life?

Jeanna recorded an information packed FREE intro call that I suggest you listen to. It gives you 8 keys to creating more peace and profits. This is just a taste of what you'll receive in her new 6-month P3 Mentor & Coaching program that begins on Wednesday, Oct. 8 from 9-10am PT/ 12-1pm ET.

I am 100% confident that this tele-program will rock your world. It will assist you in making the changes in yourself and your business to bring in more money AND fulfillment. These are the changes you've been asking for!

Step up to the plate and make a decision to get off the fence and take charge of your business!
Jeanna's FREE 1 hour call will get you started.

Class will be Wed., October 8, 2008 at 9-10am PT/ 12-1pm ET.
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