Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What does Lovin' Life have to do with Losing Weight?

We all have goals in life and we think that when we achieve them that's when we will be happy. But it is quite the contrary. We need to choose to be happy now, no matter what our current life situation is, in order to manifest our goals and dreams.

Happiness is the key to every door of our dreams. When we are in joy, how can anything but good and positive manifestations flow to us?

Many of my clients come to me with the thought "I'll be happy when ...". For example, "I'll be happy when I lose 50 lbs"; "I'll be happy when I make $100,000 in my business"; "I'll be happy when my husband and I are getting along better"; "I'll be happy when I attract my ideal mate"; "I'll be happy when I can get out of this job and do something that I LOVE that is less stressful and more fun".

You get the idea, most people, maybe even you, think that when XYZ happens, you will be HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!

But the Law of Attraction simply states that things of like vibration are drawn to each other. Or said another way, what you concentrate on ... expands. So, if you are concentrating on your current life situation (e.g., being overweight) and you feel bad about it and don't like that you are overweight, then how can you attract that fit body that you so desire.

So, my coaching clients quickly learn how to be Lovin' Life Now and how to reach for that better feeling on a regular basis, no matter what is happening in their life. It's a skill that once learned and practiced on a regular basis will attract wonderful manifestations into your life. Matter of fact, achieving your goals and desires will seem so much easier than they ever have before. Because instead of focusing on what you don't want all the time and worrying about your future, you will be grounded in the present moment and choosing to be happy ... and it will feel SO good!

So, What does Lovin' Life have to do with Losing Weight? ... EVERYTHING! If you can learn how to be Lovin' Life, lovin' who you are, lovin' the NOW, just as it is ... that's when you will lose that excess weight, manifest financial abundance, attract your ideal mate ... and attract so many more rich and delicious dreams that you have.

Yes, Lovin' Life is the key to the door of your dreams, not the other way around.


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