Monday, January 04, 2010

When the clothes in the closet don't fit!

I started writing the title of this blog post as "when the clothes don't fit in the closet".

Struck me funny ... the clothes fit in the closet but do YOU fit in them?!

This post was inspired by my decluttering project in the beginning of this New Year. I always like to start the year fresh with decluttered closets, e-mail, files, etc. It just feels SO good to "clean house" and make room for the new and exciting things that are yet to come!

Well, as I was going through my clothes closet of all those old corporate dress suits that I used to wear, I started trying them on and found that some of them didn't quite fit the way they used to. And here's where it gets interesting (coming from a Law of Attraction Health Coach) -- for a moment I was a bit annoyed! But then, I knew that whatever I was feeling wasn't going to serve me in any way, shape or form so I shifted my energy to what was feeling good to me. Here are a few things I said to myself that made me feel better:

1) I have an abundance of beautiful clothes that still fit me and I look really good in them!

2) Those clothes are out of date anyway -- those big shoulder pads are really not "in" any more!

3) I am healthy, strong and vibrant and who cares if a few pants don't fit me.
(said with a peaceful energy of "so what, who cares")

4) What does this observation really mean anyway -- some size 10's fit me and others don't -- so what does that really mean?
(My answer ... absolutely NOTHING!)

5) I am beautiful just the way I am.

I chose to shift my vibration in that moment so that I didn't continue to focus on something that I didn't like or that I didn't want to attract into my future life experiences. All was well and still is.

I have a clean clothes closet. I am donating some very sharp clothes to Goodwill -- some women are going to be very happy and look very professional in these clothes and get that job they want when they go on an interview!

It truly is all about what you focus on.

If you beat up on yourself about your weight, your body, or any other area of your life -- where is that going to lead you? Exactly to the place you don't want to go! It's going to keep you stuck with the things in your life that you really don't want but keep on attracting because your focus is mainly on the lack of what you want, not the way you want it to be.

Knowing the principles of the Law of Attraction will help you immensely in creating your life experiences, if only you choose to stop focusing on the things that make you feel bad. You can learn how to do this by making a conscious effort like I did to shift your focus to something that makes you feel better.

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Now, go clean your closets and be OK with what is. All truly is Well!


Anne Nayer 5:06 PM  

Loved the post and just signed up for yr ezine - you're popping up everywhere. I love how you "soothed" your energy when you felt annoyed about some clothes not fitting - quick save. I also loved the double entendre of "when the clothes in the closet don't fit" - some turnarounds hiding in there (when you don't fit in your closet anymore and when you don't fit your clothes (like the corporate duds) - you "outgrew" them and a former persona - and certainly the metaphor of cleaning out the closets of your mind and outside of the closet thinking come to mind. Happy to tweet you. It's the law of attraction in action. xxx Anne (Coach Paradise)

Ben and Efrat, Touching Love with a Loving Touch 5:54 PM  

What a wonderful post Maria,
Thank you so much for that wisdom.

I (Ben) can relate similarly regarding fitness sessions. Going out for jogging and sometimes having sour, aching knees (had a sport accident long time ago) I have two options: Being irritated and nervous about it, myself, my body, being concentrated on the pain, uneasiness, or I can accept the situation as it is and concentrate on the beauty of Nature which surrounds me, affirming myself that my body is well. In most cases, where I accept and affirm - the pain goes away, many times completely.
So, if your body won't fit in the clothes or into your "dream fitness shape" or into health (and we know you do marvels with health issues as well!!! ...for those who don't know you) - it makes no difference. Just as you suggest - focus on the good feeling.

Whoever may be reading this - we warmly recommend joining Maria on a magical journey and if you're really serious about yourself - be one of those lucky 12 !!!

Hugging you,

Ben & Efrat

Michelle 7:43 AM  

Wow, That was soo inspirational...I am intending to create some time for my own general cleaning as well - especially email. I am a firm believer that you start the year in the manner in which you intend to live it...I am doing just that and you REALLY inspired me to keep "doing" it!

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