Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oprah's Interview with Geneen Roth - Author of Women Food and God

Since this topic is such a passion of mine to teach my clients, I wanted to see the interview that Oprah did last week with Geneen Roth about her new book: Women, Food and God.

As I have been blogging about for quite some time now, the most important thing that impacts the state of your overall health is the nature of your thoughts and feelings. The fitness level of your body is MORE dependent on

1) What you think and feel about your body (do you critique your body every time you look in the mirror?),

2) What you feel about all areas of your life (are there some areas of your life that you feel lackful and worry constantly about?),

3) Your BELIEFS about the foods you eat & the exercise you have to do in order to stay fit (do you have beliefs that some foods will make you fat and then eat them anyway, do you believe you have a "slow metabolism" and that your "skinny" friends are blessed with a high metabolism? That story will definitely impact what happens with your body!),

4) How you deal with the emotional stress in your life (do you go to food immediately when you are under a great deal of stress to "feed" your emotions, instead of addressing them head on?)

It's not about the food, the exercise, dieting, nutritional supplements ... it's about your beliefs, your relationship with you, how you deal with the stessors in your life. Your weight is a by-product of what you think and feel on a daily basis. Period.

On the Oprah show last week, Geneen Roth spoke about "never dieting again" and got to the issue of WHY people are fat. Many of you may think that if you just eat the "right foods" than BAM ... the weight will just come off! Not so. If there was some magic bullet to lose weight then everyone would be skinny.

It's about your RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU. I work with my coaching clients to understand the real reasons why they are overweight. Like I teach in my Law of Attraction Weight Loss Program, it's about resetting your "fat" mindset. It's also about SHIFTING your thoughts and feelings so they are aligned with wellness & joy. It's about being kinder to you. It's about "addressing the stress".

All the people that were interviewed on the Geneen Roth Oprah show had one thing in common...
They were not happy with where they were at in their life and they were definitely NOT happy with their bodies.

There was so much self judgment and self-loathing - and that only STOPS you from attracting the body you so desire to have.

What I believe is that many overweight people (especially women) are "FEEDING their emotions" instead of "FEELING their emotions and then making a conscious choice to reach for a better feeling."

This is what I am so passionate about teaching my clients to do so that they can feel more joy in this moment, which will open the door and lead them to a healthier and more fit body!

One of the women interviewed on the Oprah Show said that "When I am eating, I don't think about anything else" -- however, this same woman had worries about her Mom, brother and other concerns when it came to her quality of life. It's about addressing these other concerns that is more important than immediately trying to address the excess weight. The excess weight is more about the emotional baggage that people hold onto and the excessive focusing on their body that they loathe!

Matter of fact Geneen Roth mentioned what many women are doing is just adding an extra level of pain to what they are already experiencing. How? Well, they have emotions to life situations that they are just feeding with food that is just going to make them feel even worse later on. Because then, what most of you do, is you beat up on yourself AFTER you eat that way and then you feel even worse than you did before.

I had a doctor client who was so overwhelmed with the stress and demands of her job while simultaneously trying to balance a family of 6 kids that she turned to fried cheese curds as a meal. But then after eating the fried cheese curds felt so bad and was beating up on herself so much that it just ADDED to the stress level that she felt. And on top of that, she had the attitude that "well, I may as well eat unhealthy later since I already screwed up today". But then I coached her around the stress and helped her be at peace with where she was at right in that moment so that she could embrace a different attitude for the meal later on that night. When she left that coaching call, she was feeling so much better about herself and her life, that she chose the healthier option to balance out her "fried" choice earlier on in the day.

Bottom line ... you have to FEEL GOOD in order to make healthier decisions. From a place of Being Happy and Lovin' Life Now, you will more easily align with total wellness than you would if you are depressed, de-motivated and beating up on yourself every single day.

I am going to state my popular quote again =>

"Being Happy Makes You Healthy!" ~Lesetz


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