Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Your "Ideal" Weight: What if "Being Fatter" was Better?

I was just speaking about this topic of weight loss with a friend and the picture that society and the media paints, especially when it comes to women and their ideal weight. And this question came to me:

"What if there was a magic wand that was waved over all of society today and BEING FATTER WAS BETTER?"

Now, I know that this question sounds silly on the surface, but let me explain a bit further the motivation behind this thought. We all build our belief systems by what we are brought up with and what we see in the world. And many women I know base their self-image on the standards that other people have set. Think of all the commercials for losing weight!

We know that models in magazines are airbrushed but young girls still see this and many think "oooh, that's the way I want to look!" Or a family member tells you "you are fat" and that sticks with you, until you recognize (if you ever do) that it's just a story that is someone else's and you can change it if you want to. And let's face it, changing that affirmation would make you feel SO MUCH BETTER! So why don't you? Why do you choose to believe that?

So, what if society actually embraced that being fatter was better? Would many of us women like our bodies better? Would we feel better about ourselves? Does our self image have more to do with what other people say and buy into?

Ask yourself this question now -- if society had it all turned around and the more plump you were, the sexier you were, how would that change how you feel about you? If you are very skinny, would it make you want to go out and gain some weight? If you are very overweight, would you think "cool ... I don't have to lose this weight anymore -- Ahhhh, what a relief!".

I am posing this question because I want you to really think about WHY you want to be a different weight?

I am not suggesting that "fatter is better", I am just giving you some food for thought about society standards and how they play a role in what you think of you.

If you want to lose weight, are you doing it for YOU? How will you FEEL when you are at that goal weight? Or is it because of what other people say and think that makes you want to lose that weight? What's been programmed into your mind about a healthy and fit body? Does that programming EMPOWER YOU or DIS-EMPOWER YOU?

I am pretty sure that there are some cultures where "being thin is NOT in". How does that impact their self image / their self worth?

Start reflecting inward as to WHY you really want to be a different weight. It's all about what will make you feel good and starting to feel good NOW before you actually lose all that weight. Your healthy and fit body is more of an "inside job". You can take all the action steps in the world to losing that excess weight, but if you are not coming from a "feel good" place when you take those action steps, the journey will feel like a long and difficult one.

Forget about what others think you should weigh or how you should look. That's all that matters is what you really think and feel and what you really want for yourself and WHY you want it.

Who will you be when you have that "ideal" body? ... Be that person NOW!

What will you be doing differently as a result of having that "ideal" body? ... Start doing those things NOW or at least do things that will get you into the feeling place of doing those different things!

How will you FEEL when you are at what YOU consider to be your ideal weight? ... Start reaching for that feeling now. There are many things you can do to feel "more energetic" or "empowered" -- those feelings are not only correlated with having a healthy and fit body. For example, you can feel more energetic or empowered by taking on a project that you are passionate about. REACH FOR THAT FEELING NOW and you will attract more things in your life that will make you feel energetic and empowered, including that healthy and fit body you so desire!

Don't get so caught up with the number on the scale or the size of your pants -- it's just a number! Tap into the feel good place of WHY you want to have that slimmer body (if that is your desire). Don't let the number rule your life.

And next time you hear the media talk about someone's weight or look at a magazine and think that model is the standard for what you should look like ... STOP and remind yourself that it doesn't matter what the rest of the world says or looks like. That should have nothing to do with your goals and dreams. This is your body, your life, and it's all about what makes you FEEL GOOD!

There, I said it! :)


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