Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Burning Questions about Health & Wellness: Allergies again?! ... A Law of Attraction viewpoint - Part II!

This is Day 2 of my rampage of answers to Health & Wellness questions I received on a Law of Attraction forum. Remember, I am answering these questions from the perspective of the power of your thoughts and feelings and how that impacts the state of your overall health and wellness. I am not a Doctor, and don't claim to be one. But I am aware and believe fully in the power of the mind and how it impacts our physical bodies.

So here it goes ... Question #2:

I am having problems again with my allergies going out of control (mainly food allergies). Things that used to be fine are suddenly giving me reactions. This happened in early December too, and I thought I tracked down the cause then, but now it is happening again. I have been trying to think what the vibrational cause could be, but I am stumped. Except for this, my life is going better now than it has in a long while. It's a mystery. I'd appreciate any insight you may have. I know MS is autoimmune too, did you have any insights as to what that was indicating?

And here's my answer:

I think the most important thing is to not try to figure it out. (Something I have learned that has served me really well once I embraced it.)

When you try to figure out WHY something "negative", "bad" or "off" is happening, you give it more attention and it will continue to happen. So, my first recommendation would be to stop trying to figure out why it is back.

On a side note, you did ask about the DX of MS -- my theory is that it was a result of STRESS I felt in corporate and that's how it manifested in my body. But that's the only attention I give it (in the answering of your question). Bottom line that I tell all my coaching clients is that what's important now, in this present moment, is that you make peace with it and align with wellness & joy (which I help share with them techniques on how to do).

On a personal note, I had allergies as a kids (got shots and the whole nine yards), then when I went to college, I continued to get allergy shots and then one day I said "enough is enough! I don't need this" -- my parents weren't thrilled I did that, but that's what felt right to me. Since then, I have not had any allergy shots. Now, recently in Eugene, OR (matter of fact the past few days), I started sneezing A LOT and having some "allergy" symptoms. What I did was to let it be and ride its course. I didn't resist it or get really frustrated with it. Yes, I took 2 Advil (believe it or not, that sometimes helps a bit), but that's all I did. My partner kept on saying "God bless you" about 100 times in the day and felt more bad for me than I did for myself. I even looked at it in a positive and said to myself "Ahhh ... this is cleaning out all the gunk in my head!". What happened was within 1.5 days, all allergy symptoms were gone.

And here's the rub ... the News Reporters here in Eugene, OR were saying that the pollen count was at an all time high of 990 (whatever that means) -- but they said that usually high counts are at 200-300. So, when I heard this (which was after I already had felt better), I was celebrating! I was REALLY good, given my history from the past.

What I am trying to say is that you need to take your focus off the allergies, make peace with it (by resisting it less and letting it be), and just know that your body wants to align with total wellness and will once you release any resistance you have around having the reactions.

Forget about the "vibrational cause" and just send the "symptoms" love and only give them attention if it is a non-judmental, un-biased observer kind of attention. Say hello to your little friends and breathe a big sigh of relief, knowing that the will leave when they are not treated as the life of the party!

Until tomorrow with Question #3... In the meanwhile, feel free to leave your questions on this blog and I will do my best to answer them. Who knows, maybe a Magazine column is in the works and I will be your Law of Attraction Health guru answering all your burning questions that pertain to how YOU can be a deliberate creator of your great health and well-being! Anything is possible! :)

To your Happiness & Health,


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