Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Shower Exercise - LATHER UP with LOVE!

Last week I was in the shower and came up with an exercise that we can all do to appreciate our bodies more. AND YES, it is clean (literally!) HA!

As you all know, loving yourself is the first step to creating the body of your dreams or to create anything else for that matter that you truly desire. Beating up on yourself and having "mean" and "nasty" things to say about your body and who you are never gets you anywhere but feeling "stuck" and "discouraged". You are holding yourself back when you are not kind to you!


So, last week I was in the shower and ...
I started washing my body with soap and as I was washing my leg and lathering the soap started to give my thighs and mega love stating to them how much I appreciate them for being so strong - appreciating those 4-mile walks I can take down by the river because my strong thighs help me to do that. I really felt a deep appreciation and the love was very focused on my thighs -- I was sending a loving energy like I never have before. Then, I went to my muscular calves and appreciated their strength and definition as I washed them with soap.

Then I moved on to my feet and said to them: "Wow. Given your size, you carry a lot of weight and do it with such grace and ease. Thank you for carrying the load of my entire body. Just goes to show that you don't have to be big to be powerful! Thank you!"

Well, you get the idea. It was a real FOCUSED loving energy of appreciation that felt so good. I got out of that shower and felt FANTASTIC. Matter of fact, I looked in the mirror after it and said "you look REALLY good!"

So, I wanted to share this LATHER UP WITH LOVE SHOWER EXERCISE with you, so that you can play with it. Try it. Love every part of your body for how it functions, what it does for you, what it allows you to do in your life that you absolutely love to do!

Never underestimate the power of love. It will transform your life and your body into something more beautiful than it already is.




Michelle 6:15 PM  

I LOVE THAT!!! I am definitely going to do that. How great to truly appreciate legs that help get us from point A to point B...Thanks!

Lovin Life 7:17 PM  

You are very welcome, Michelle. It really feels good to appreciate the blessings you do have (and that includes celebrating the healthy bodies we do have!)

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