Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Multiple Sclerosis and Worrying

I speak to a lot of people each week that have MS and the one thing that I here often is that they worry a lot. They worry about what the future holds or "what's next?" No matter what you are going through in your life... do you really know the answer to the question "What's next?" I don't think any of us know the answer to that question.

I have learned that "worrying" has absolutely no purpose or benefit to my life. Especially with a disease like Multiple Sclerosis -- which is a very unpredictable disease. Your own neurologist can not predict how it's going to progress in your body -- so why the heck should you worry about it and cook up all the worst-case scenarios. Give equal weight to the positive side -- it may not progress quickly at all -- it could be a very, very slow progression, you may do just fine no matter what happens with the disease -- you just don't know. So, stop wasting your energy always focusing on the negative. YOUR THOUGHTS play a huge part in how you physically feel!
If you can tell me one positive that has come out of worrying, please write to me. I would love to know. Because everyone that I speak to and work with, always tell me that worrying just makes them feel worse -- it stresses them out! Stress is simply not good for our overall health and well-being and YOU DO have a choice on what you think about and focus on.

So, stop worrying! It's not good for your health! And if you say "well, that's easier said than done" -- call me to schedule a free 15-minute Empowerment Consultation, where I will teach you a few quick strategies to eliminate the worry and bring more joy into your life!

Maria C. Lesetz,
Motivational Speaker & Life Empowerment Consultant


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