Monday, May 02, 2005

Tolerations be gone -- NO MORE ANTS!

This past week has been a very challenging and interesting week for me. I was in a flow, everything was running smoothly and then all of a sudden one morning I woke up and ANTS were all over (flying ones, small ones) -- they were in my office and my home! Everything had to be moved away from the baseboards, my computer had to be shut down for quite some time, I was cleaning, vacuuming, spraying, etc. I was researching and learning all about how to get rid of ants for good. An extreminator came twice to spray inside and outside -- but that seemed to make things worse. I am not fond of chemicals so I decided to research the 'natural route'. I found a few things that repel the ants (orange oil, mint oil, vinegar) but nothing that has gotten rid of them completely. I am now becoming the expert on ant colonies and different types of ants (not something that I planned on learning ... No, this is NOT going to be an additional career path ! )

Now, you may be thinking... "what does Maria's problems with ants have to do with me and my life?" Well, it doesn't directly impact your life but it demonstrates how life works and what we can learn from situations that are unpleasant or frustrating:

1) First thing I am doing is declaring this a toleration and writing it down. Once you recognize what you tolerate, acknowledge it by writing it down... it will go away (many of my coaching clients have told me that this has happened to them... they were amazed at how the things they tolerated started going away once they wrote them down!)

2) I hate bugs... I realize that there is a purpose for them and that they keep a balance in nature -- however, I do not want to live with them in my home & office. They give me a 'creepy' feeling (if you know what I mean). But what I learned from this annoying ordeal is that getting freaky or upset about it is not going to make the ants go away -- it's just going to impact my mood and how I feel. So, by the third day, I started to calm down a bit and tackle the problem with a level head.

3) Believe it or not, the visiting of the ants, forced me to take a week off from my business and go through boxes that I had from my recent move. I actually got more organized as a result of this annoying situation. So... maybe there was even a positive reason for why the ants decided to visit me this past week. My office and home are so much more organized and I feel more settled into my new home than I did before. Wow. All because of the 'attack of the ants'!

So take my frustrating experience as a lesson to approach frustrating situations from a different angle... be calm, ask yourself the question "is this really something to get upset about .. is it a life or death situation or just an annoyance that I have to deal with for a while?" Put things in perspective AND look for the positives that may have come out of a frustrating situation in your life. For me, it was a further de-cluttering and organizing that made me feel more together and settled. Organizing and de-cluttering are good for the Mind, Body and Spirit!

For those of you that are interested in the status of the ants right now... they are still surfacing in different areas. The next step is to put out some ant bait 'saw-dust looking" stuff that supposedly works extremely well as a bait that the ants eat and take back to the colony and then kills off the queen ant and the entire colony. You see, I told you I am becoming an expert in the ant department!

Have a lovely ant-free day!

your Life Empowerment Consultant,
Maria Lesetz


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