Saturday, January 07, 2006

It's Just Another Bump In the Road!

Yes... a health challenge can be viewed as "Just Another Bump in the Road". The bumps can be big or small -- but they always have the other side! It's like looking up a mountain. One person may look at it and say "no way, I could never climb that and look down the other side". Another person may look up at that mountain and say "it's possible ... I know that I can do it! it may take some time and lots of training ... but it can be done!". These are two totally different attitudes that can be applied to any "bump in the road" that you have in your life.

I was just recently speaking to a friend and fellow enterpreneur who went to the emergency room thinking she had the flu and it ended up that they admited her into the hospital because she had an infection in her colon and possibly peritonitis or an abscess. I called her at the hospital to tell her that she was on my mind and that I was sending her lots of healing energy. She told me that she keeps on thinking about what I say about health challenges "It's just Another Bump In the Road"! She even told me that the image of my bus with the phrase on it "it's just another bump in the road", keeps on flashing through her head. Amazing! What a great thing for her to be focusing on. Now that's the type of thinking that's going to get her right out of the hospital. (If you would like to see the image that she has with the bus, just visit my website at and scroll down the Home Page).

I also told my friend that she should be working on envisioning the healing process in her colon (we discussed a process of visualization that really helps to keep the Mind/Body and Spirit connected and resonating positive energy!)

Your attitude is one of the key components in your recovery during any health challenge.

Just keep on reminding yourself that "it's just another bump in the road"! See the other side of that bump. Envision yourself there already. Picture the healing process already occuring in your body. Do not underestimate the power of visualization and your thoughts. We have a power to create more than we could ever imagine.

If only we tapped into that power more often ...

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