Friday, January 27, 2006

"What the Bleep do we Know?"

I just rented the movie, "What the Bleep Do we Know" and watched it last night. I know, it's been out for a while... why did it take me so long to see this movie? Well, I believe we see things and experience things just at the right time -- just when we need to hear the message the most!

This movie confirmed all that I am learning through the Teachings of Abraham Hicks (with Esther and Jerry Hicks) around the Laws of Attraction and the power of our minds. Wayne Dyer is another author & speaker who I am a fan of and whose teachings resonate the same message: We create our reality!

As a motivational speaker and a life coach, I teach people how to use the power they have within them. One of my talks "Plugging Into the Power Within" is focused around this concept that we create our reality by the things we focus on with our minds. Now, does this mean that if you are sick or have an illness that it is your fault? Absolutely not. But, the quality of our thoughts can play a big part in how we physically feel and how we recover from illness and sickness.

Many of the people that listen to my talks or work with me one-on-one through life coaching know that focusing on the positives in their life can make all the difference in the world on how they experience their life. HOWEVER, as the movie said, "positive thinking" isn't the complete answer to everything. If you sprinkle positive thinking on a bed of negative thoughts, will you create positive results? No. The challenge is to continuously work at removing that foundation of negativity that is underlying the occasional moments of positive thoughts that we have.

Did you ever have a positive thought, but then a few minutes later had doubts, fears and slipped right back into the negative? Of course you have. This seems to be the way we are wired. But, what is really cool is that we have the power to re-wire our brains so that any negative associations we have can be dissolved and we can form and create in our brains a new reality.

What if we were to take 10-minutes per day thinking about our ideal life - -closing our eyes and envisioning exactly what we want in our life, feeling every wonderful sensation of having it! What if we were to make that picture so clear in our minds that each day we saw it in vivid color with our imaginations? Would it happen? Would the universe know the difference between our current reality and what we are cooking up in our mind each day?

Just some thoughts to ponder. Exercise your brain with visions of your ideal life!

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