Monday, May 29, 2006

Fast Food -- Healthy or not?

Lately I have been so excited about these Natural products that I am taking that I have to share it with everyone I meet. Visit and click on Products.

As many of you already know, I am one of those people that has to do extensive research on a product before I use it myself AND before I recommend it to others. That's just the statistician in me! It also is part of my belief system. If you are going to promote a product, then it definitely should be something that you feel 100% comfortable with AND that you use yourself. Now, there are a lot of sales people out there that would not agree with me on this because a lot of Pharmaceutical Sales representatives sell a drug, but they sure don't use it! :)

Today's society is always in a rush! People are "eating on the go", grabbing any food that is convenient and available to them wherever they are. Are we, as a society, thinking about our overall health when we are grabbing the fast food? No. We are just thinking about convenience and satisfying an immediate need to eat something. However, we are doing more damage to our bodies than we could imagine (and especially with today's kids ... child obesity is a bigger concern than it ever has been!).

When I heard about a Natural product that was a Nutrient Dense Superfood which was also low in calories, I was very excited. Finally, a product that could replace that snack before working out OR replace the bag of potato chips that I go for when I am traveling on the road taking my long road trips.... something that will nourish me completely and give me the energy I need to get to my next meal. Visit and select Products to research these fantastic Natural products.

So, can "fast food" be healthy for you? If you try this Nutrient Dense Superfood ... it can! :)

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