Tuesday, May 16, 2006

When the "bump" seems like a Mountain

When I speak at events, sometimes I have someone say to me "How can you say that MS can be Just A Bump In The Road? Look at my wife. Does it look like it's just a Bump In The Road to her?"

The bottom line is that all bumps in our lives come in different sizes -- some of them are doozies! They can feel like Mt. Everest. However, it is still our attitude towards what life has thrown us that makes all the difference in the world. AND there is always the other side to that Mountain!

What are our options when we are dealing with a Mountain-size challenge? Do we just give up on life then, go into a corner and die? I don't think so. If we are still living (meaning that we have "life" left in us), I think we should look towards the things that we ARE grateful to have in our lives and focus on these things. Yes, it's important to let out any negative emotions we may have towards a situation and tell our family and loved ones how we feel. However, what kind of life is it if we choose to be absolutely miserable while we are still here on earth?

There are many people out there that have chronic or terminal illnesses but they are still choosing to have the best attitude they possibly can towards life. That's what courage is. That's what "choosing to live" is all about.

What ever you are dealing with, it can be looked at as "just another bump in the road" of life. It's all a matter of perspective. Think about it, some of the life issues that Americans complain about are another country's every day problems and way of life -- but isn't it funny that sometimes the people in those countries (that are less fortunate than us), seem happier and more content with their life.

Looking at a life challenge as "just a bump in the road" is a choice. YOUR choice. You can choose to be angry, resentful, depressed, unhappy and miserable OR you can find some glimmer of gratitude towards the small things you do have in your life that you may take for granted and revel in those things and moments. Which option sounds more like choosing to be "Lovin' Life"?

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Jaime 11:02 AM  

I would have to agree that keeping a positive attitude is a key part of taking control over the illness (whatever that illness is). I used to work in medicine and it seemed that the people who always responded to treatment better and in some cases completely got better were the ones who were willing to fight! They made the choice to stay positive and when things got hard they got support from their families and friends. I was lucky to have seen this first hand...it has helped me shape how I handle my own MS and other health issues.

I would have to say however, that sometimes there are injustices in the system (i.e. limited access to medical care) and so instead of giving up we have to become a voice and fight those systems to make them fair for all people with disabilites. That is our right as Americans! After all, this is just one more way we can fight to take control over our health.

I hope you are well. Take care.


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