Friday, September 19, 2008

Financial Fallout and Your Health!

I just saw a segment with Sanjay Gupta on CNN this morning on people being "Sick (literally) over losing money". It was all about how the economic fears is the #1 cause of anxiety these days, which of course means more STRESS and as a result significantly impacts peoples' overall state of health. Dr. Gupta mentioned that in 2006 59% of people surveyed said that work or money was stressing them out and in 2007 it went up to 74%! Imagine what it is now in 2008?! Stress can cause headaches, digestive problems, heart issues, stop you from sleeping soundly and allowing your body to repair when it's at rest, and a whole bunch of other physical manifestations as a result of your worries!). It can also exacerbate any health symptoms you already have. So, now that we are all convinced that worries about money (or lack of it) can have a negative impact on our health, what can we do about this?

Well, the first thing I will do with my coaching clients is to help them reduce the stress and change their overall MindSet around the issue. I teach them how implementing the principles of the Law of Attraction can dramatically change their focus and feelings and as a result, change their lives and what they attract into their lives! We work on various techniques that can help take their mind off LACK of Money and onto the Abundance of what they have in their lives (not only around money --- in general, it's about raising their vibration so that they are feeling better and let's face it, when you are feeling better ... things look "up"! It's like a snowball effect -- if you keep on focusing on the negative in the situation, then you attract more negative into your life and you see more things (in other areas of your life) that are not working (and the big negative snowball gets bigger and bigger until you are buried by it!) On the other hand, if you can focus on what is working in you life and use various techniques to keep you focused on the positives (e.g., meditation, exercise, gratitude journal, affirmations with feelings behind them, etc.), then you can start to attract ANYTHING you want, no matter what's going on out their in the economy!

I am of the belief that there are many people that THRIVE, even when the economy looks like it does now. So, why are they thriving and others aren't ? If it was only because of the state of the economy then EVERYONE would be stressed out. But that is not true. I am not stressed out over this. I believe that I CAN thrive and make lots of money and have great health with no stress, even with all that's being talked about in the media. Yes, it's that simple. It's a Mind Shift. Come join my Road Trip to Wellness Group on Facebook at and post your comment on this topic under the discussion group. Let's have a juicy conversation around this topic that inspires many to thrive and have no stress, no matter what the climate of the economy is! Everyone's health is counting on it!

To your Health & Wealth,
Maria C. Lesetz
Certified Life Coach


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