Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Pain ... No Gain (that's just a bunch of ...!)

I am sure you have heard the phrase ... “No Pain … No Gain”.

Well, I don’t believe in that (as you can clearly see by the ad lib on my title of this blog post)

My motto is ... “No Joy, No Gain, No Life!

I used to be on the swim team in high school where the coach said all the time “No pain, no gain!” He wanted us to work our butts off until we were absolutely exhausted and feeling that muscle burn from all the practicing we were doing. He had that reputation of being tough and getting results through sweat and tears. He even had his own slogan:
“When the body says NO, Schlagle says GO!” (i.e., the coach’s name was “Schlagle”)

Well, I don’t really know how that worked out for him in the long run, but I do know that this is not the philosophy that I buy into. You shouldn’t have to work so hard and feel pain in order to get results. When it feels hard you are actually going against the grain of your well-being. Life is supposed to be fun. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Feeling JOY unlocks the door to all your dreams.

I help my coaching clients to feel joy NOW, no matter what is going on in their life. It’s about reaching for that “feel good place” in this present moment. That is what will help you to manifest your dreams. That is what will make you feel alive and have a life that is so delicious!

When you feel joy, your life experiences will unfold beautifully and sometimes in many pleasant and unexpected ways. Don’t buy into the belief that you have to work hard or feel the pain in order to get the results you want. That belief will not serve you and only keep you from achieving your dreams with ease. And if you do buy into that belief, you may get there, but at what cost? Will you even be able to enjoy it?

And here's the thing about aligning with your joy first ... you will attract any goal that you have (from health goal to financial goal to relationships goal) much faster. Why? Because every positive manifestation that you experience in your life has stemmed from one thing and one thing only ... you feeling good!

So, let's give an example here around weight loss. Let's say you are busting your butt at the gym feeling the pain and burn (yes, I know ... sometimes that "burn" from weight training actually feels good). But, you feel that you are pushing yourself way too hard; you ache all the time; you are exhausted; you don't look forward to going to the gym anymore.

Do you REALLY think that you are going to attract that healthy and fit body and maintain that body forever and ever, especially when you are not feeling pure joy? Most likely NOT! Matter of fact I am going to say ... you won't!

Now, if you are loving every minute of that work out and feeling really good each time you feel that "burn" and celebrating each and every day how fantastic you feel, then you will continue to attract that healthy and fit body and stay that way!

Get it?

It's all about JOY. If you are not feeling joy in the action steps you are taking towards your goals and dreams, then manifesting your dreams will feel harder than it should feel. Matter of fact, you may keep on putting the pause button on the manifestation every time you are feeling "off" or concentrating on the exact thing you don't want. And then, that journey to your goal will feel like a very long & difficult journey. But it doesn't have to be that way!

Make your joy #1 and the "gains" in your life will be abundant and beautiful. And when I say "gains", I am referring to the beautiful manifestations of all your desires and dreams!

And anyway, what's life without feeling joy? Isn't that what everyone ultimately wants?

Want to feel more joy more often and learn how to shift your vibration, even in the face of diversity? Then consider Speed Coaching and let’s get you started on YOUR personal path to Joy!


RockandRollGuru 7:20 PM  

Joyful service, fun & appreciation are always my guideposts. I truly believe they are imperative for a fulfilled life.

AffirmingSpirit 3:10 PM  

That joy is the vibrational root to everything we desire may be *obvious* to you and I, Maria, but the majority of the world is still operating under Puritan religious influences that can be summed up in the saying, "Life sucks, then you die."

The understanding that joy can (and does) shift it all, is an experiential one~to really understand it, one must experience it. To fully experience it, one must be willing to let go of prior beliefs and *just see* where a new belief might take them. It's the latter that is so difficult for most people, and the reason so many benefit from coaching: Opening up to joy can feel scary to someone who has been told by the world that positive emotions are fleeting and cannot be relied upon.

Thank you, Maria, for being the light that reminds the world that they do, in fact, *have a choice*!

Many blessings,

Maria Lesetz 4:31 PM  

You couldn't have set it any better, Nancy! I remember back in my college days, people wearing a pin that said "Life sucks and then you die". What an affirmation that was to be wearing proudly on one's jacket! (And I am sure those pins still exist!)

There needs to be a vibrational shift in the world -- which I do believe is happening, where people become aware that they truly have a choice on what they focus on (the good or the bad). We don't have to watch the news if it doesn't make us feel good. We don't have to listen to the doom and gloom that economists or the media puts in our vibrational bubble. We are in charge of what gets in. We can choose to embrace what others say to the core of our being OR beat to our own drum -- the drum of JOY, the drum of PEACE, the drum of Abundance! After all, those are the things that make us feel good, so why would we beat any other drum?

We can shift anything in our lives. Yes, we are that powerful! And once people entertain the thought of that and feel a glimmer of hope that their power exists within them, positive shifts will happen!

Thank you, Nancy for your thought-provoking and deliciously bold comment! And most of all for the impact you are having on the positive shifts in this world as well!

And Joe ... you have said it simple and eloquently ... Joyful service, fun & appreciation are the guideposts!

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